Benefits of Franchising

Today, one out of every three dollars spent by Americans for a good or service is spent in a franchise business. A franchise increases your chances of business success because you are associating with proven products and methods.

Purchasing a K9 Resorts franchise allows you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. You will benefit from our 17+ years of success and proven track record in the pet care industry. K9 Resorts is rated #1 in New Jersey and within the Top 3 in the nation. Come learn from the best about how to open your own pet franchise!

Benefits of Franchising

Economies of Scale

If you’re a single entrepreneur, you have the buying power of one.  If you’re a franchisee, your franchisor can negotiate bulk rates and pass along the savings to you

The System

You can build the most beautiful dog boarding facility and fill it with the most expensive equipment.  That takes time as well as money.  Or, you can sign up with a franchisor who has done this before and be handed a shopping list of exactly what you need to set up shop, allowing you to open for business more quickly than if you had to research it all on your own

K9 Resorts Entrepreneur Magazine

From Entrepreneur Magazine

Wondering if you should go into business for yourself? Undoubtedly, millions of reasons why you should–and perhaps shouldn’t–are flitting through your mind. Just as personal control over your destiny and the opportunity for more financial gain beckons you to become an entrepreneur, the bills, mortgage and kids give you three reasons to stay at your 9-to-5 job.

We decided to add more fuel to the fire with 10 very good reasons to get into business . . . by purchasing a franchise. We went straight to the source: those who live, breathe and make money off franchises. Two experts, four franchisees and 10 reasons to buy a franchise–do the math and settle the question once and for all.

Entreprenuer Magazine’s Top 10 Reasons to Own a Franchise

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