Month: January 2019

Dog paw on business documents.

K9 Resorts Continues Rapid Growth – Projects a Strong 2019

The pet care industry is booming to the tune of more than $72 billion in expenditures last year. K9 Resorts is certainly getting a share of this billion-dollar industry and continues to see rapid growth. In the upcoming year, the luxury dog care franchise has set its sights on continued growth and is projecting a strong 2019 overall. This year, K9 Resorts is looking to double their existing number of franchises. The franchise is looking to double in growth from its current seven operational locations to 15 just this year. In addition, K9 Resorts has another 15 units in development which would again double their footprint.

All in all, the franchise will be tripling the current number of operational locations once those in development open their doors. K9 Resorts is also looking to open another corporate location in 2019 to provide additional guidance and services to their franchisees. K9 Resorts goal is to bring stress-free, guilt-free care to dogs and families everywhere, and by widening their footprint, they can achieve that.

“K9 Resorts is excited for what’s to come in 2019 for a number of reasons,” said Jason Parker, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of K9 Resorts. “Our team is looking to double the current amount of locations we have open this year, as well as open the 15 current franchises we have in development. While growth is exciting, helping our customers is what we love most, which is why we are launching an app in 2019. K9 Resorts has high aspirations, and I know with our team and dedication, the sky is the limit.”

Excelling On Many Fronts

The K9 Resorts app, set to be released this year, will provide an easier experience for pet parents on the go. The app will work across locations and offer a convenient way for customers to book online, cancel, adjust reservations, and more. Parker notes that the app will make scheduling easier than ever before, which confirms K9 Resorts’ dedication to their customers and pets.

For a company that opened its first location in 2005, and is a relative newcomer to the market, their three-year plan is ambitious yet well thought out. By doubling down on their franchisees in 2019 and looking to open 66 new locations in the next three years, it shows how much dedication the K9 brand has to its current and potential customers, its franchisees, and the brand itself.

K9 Resorts has set itself apart in the pet care industry. Through its dedication to a stress-free boarding and daycare experience, the franchise’s operational procedures are unmatched. Dogs enjoy cage-free boarding, state-of-the-art facilities, hospital-grade sanitation procedures, luxury beds, and more. K9 Resorts has enjoyed being named “Best of” in a variety of markets and across numerous organizations. This award-winning franchise has nowhere to go but up as the pet care industry continues to thrive and pet parents want the best for their beloved companions. K9 Resorts delivers on that promise and it shows.

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