Month: April 2020

Jessica Finnegan at K9 Resorts

Why Veterinarians Would Make Great Dog Daycare Business Owners

And Why a Franchise Could Be the Perfect Fit

The veterinary industry isn’t reaping the same benefits as the pet care industry overall. In fact, vets have seen their bottom line decrease up to 50% from competition from online medication providers. It used to be that all pet medication was acquired from your neighborhood vet, but with services like 1-800-Pet-Meds, there are many more options in the field and prices online tend to be lower than in office. However, there may be one way that veterinarians can increase their profits by doing something that they’re passionate about – taking care of dogs. Vets might be the perfect people to own a dog daycare and boarding facility. They inherently understand what these pets need both socially and medically, and they have an undying love for animals.

We were lucky enough to sit down with our friend and colleague, Jessica Finnegan, to learn more about this fantastic business opportunity. Jessica is the CEO/Founder of Trinity Tower Consulting, as well as a consultant, mentor and friend to pet resort owners everywhere. Trinity Tower Consulting, LLC partners with small business owners as their trusted advisor to help them identify opportunities, disrupt unsuccessful practices, and develop plans for change that take their business from mediocre to marvelous. She spent the last 12 years working as Director of Operations for the largest hybrid pet resort and veterinary hospital with a capacity of over 400 boarding units, rehab, daycare, training, grooming and limo services – so she knows a thing or two about the industry. With the help of Jessica, let’s dive in and explore some ways vets owning dog daycares could be a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Should Veterinarians and Boarding Resorts Partner Together?

Simply put, veterinarians and dog boarding resorts really work out to be the perfect partners. Vets have their own business but could use an additional revenue stream. Dog daycare and boarding facilities want to provide the absolute best care to their clients, and that includes providing an extra layer of comfort from knowing that a vet is involved in the business, is an advisor, and can act at a moment’s notice if needed. The benefits for both parties are plentiful. Not only can vets increase their overall revenue and maintain their bottom line against online competition, they have the opportunity to provide a unique service to their patients. Pet parents want to know that their furry friends are being provided the best care when they’re not around, so a veterinarian-backed dog daycare and boarding facility is the perfect solution.

“The veterinary industry has seen a huge shift in revenue opportunities. With large groups like Amazon, Costco and 1-800-Pet-Meds capitalizing on the relationships with medical distributors to purchase and buy in large bulk and sell at huge discounts, veterinarians have seen a significant decline in sales and profit on inventory,” Jessica explains. “Veterinarians are struggling to re-identify themselves and their value to the community. A strong focus on services has led veterinarians to re-look at the pet hospitality industry as a viable and profitable addition to their practices. This collaborative relationship between veterinary and resort is an obvious win.”

Jessica Finnegan giving a presentation

Why Is It a Good Idea for Veterinarians to Get Into Dog Boarding Franchises?

Opening and running a dog daycare and boarding facility can be a lot for a vet that already has a bustling practice. Partnering with a dog boarding franchise is a great way to reap the benefits of revenue and authority over the business without the responsibility of running it. Running two businesses concurrently is overwhelming for anyone, especially two businesses that are so demanding. However, a veterinarian getting into dog daycare and boarding makes great sense for a number of reasons, as Jessica explains below:

“The dog boarding franchise checks all the boxes of the veterinarian’s concerns in considering partnership with resorts. The franchise platform supplies the toolbox for a successful resort business from staffing and training, procedures, protocols and financial benchmarks. The franchise has done all the hard work in researching the best design, equipment and practices.”

With a premium franchise like K9 Resorts, a vet can open and own a dog boarding facility without worrying about daily operation. K9 Resorts provides outstanding assistance with training, so the business owner can be sure their staff is the best and be comfortable in an advisory role instead of an operational one. This setup is perfect for veterinarians looking to get into the business of dog daycare and boarding.

What Are Customers Looking For In Dog Daycare?

Dog daycare and boarding has become such an important part of many pet parents’ lives. Pet parents want to know that their beloved furry family members are being well cared for and having a good time when they have to be away. Dog daycare and boarding facilities have the responsibility to ensure the pets under their care are safe and having fun in a stress-free environment, whatever that means for each individual dog. By partnering with a vet, a dog daycare and boarding franchise like K9 Resorts would have another layer of security when it comes to best-in-care service. Not only are the professionals at every K9 Resorts location well trained in dog handling and care, they’d then have expert veterinary advice within easy reach if the case ever arose. Pet parents crave peace of mind when it comes to leaving their four-legged family in the care of others. A veterinarian-owned facility provides just that!

Where Are the Vet and Pet Boarding Industries Heading?

While veterinary care isn’t going anywhere, it is a changing landscape. Vets can no longer bank on pet medicine orders for recurring revenue as competition has opened up other options for consumers. They need to start thinking of ways to make their businesses both effective and profitable. Afterall, vets need to make a living, too! On the other hand, the pet care and boarding industries see no sign of slowing. Even during economic downturns, people still opt to spend disposable income on their pets – both in goods and services. Partnering with a trusted dog daycare and boarding franchise is a smart business move for any veterinarian. They’re able to provide a much-requested service in an industry they already know without having to take on the burden of running an additional business. The end result is more revenue and happy dogs!

Like Jessica said, “Realizing the immediate financial benefits is obvious but seeing the health and happiness of the pet and pet owner is priceless.”

If you’re interested in opening your own dog daycare and boarding franchise, contact us to learn more! K9 Resorts is a luxury dog care franchise with several locations across the East Coast looking to expand into more markets nationwide, so please reach out!

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