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K9 Resorts Franchise Outlook for 2021

Pet Care Proves Recession Proof in 2020

The world changed in 2020, but one thing that didn’t change was people’s desire to give their pets premium care. Even though many of us were staying home a lot more, the pet care industry continued its upward climb during the ongoing pandemic. Places like dog daycare and boarding facilities may have had to close their doors briefly, but once they were reopened, their furry friends came flooding back. Pet parents understand their pets’ need for social interaction. Even with the decrease in travel and in-office working, pet parents still sought out fun, stress-free places for their four-legged friends to expel some energy and make new friends. K9 Resorts continued its growth during one of the most challenging years for businesses and franchises in recent history. Through its commitment to quality and stress-free pet care, K9 Resorts was able to open more locations and expand its footprint.

“The pet industry is recession-resistant,” said the founders. “The industry as a whole has grown over the past 20 years and K9 Resorts is the leading brand in the pet hospitality sector and a category creator for high-end pet boarding and doggie daycare!”

Here’s a look at how the last year went and what founders are focused on moving forward.

How 2020 Looked

While the past year was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, K9 Resorts was able to keep moving forward and provide luxury dog daycare and boarding services to their dedicated clients while keeping an eye on expansion. In 2020, K9 Resorts signed on 14 new locations, which are in the process of opening. With 12 current locations and 53 total locations in varying stages of development, K9 Resorts shows no signs of slowing its growth.

K9 Resorts also recently launched an app for their customers. Now customers can make boarding reservations, update vaccination records, purchase doggie daycare packages, request photos, and more directly from the app. This streamlines services and increases the ability to remain distanced as needed from staff and other customers.

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Everything You Need to Know About a K9 Resorts Franchise

Moving Forward

This year, the resort franchise hopes to continue its expansion. With a focus on selling 11 new locations and opening 12 new resorts in 2021, the franchise is excited about the future. Overall, the goal for 2021 is to award new territories to ensure that more people around the country have access to K9 Resorts’ unmatched pet care. Finding the perfect locations for those franchise owners who’ve purchased territory rights but haven’t settled on a spot is a focus for this year.

The Next Three Years

The pandemic hasn’t stopped this best-in-class pet resort from looking toward the future. K9 Resorts has a solid vision for the next three years. The team is focused on growing their locations and bringing their unmatched luxury dog daycare and boarding services to more pets and pet parents. K9 Resorts has set itself apart in the pet care industry. Dogs enjoy cage-free boarding, state-of-the-art facilities, hospital-grade sanitation procedures, luxury beds, and more. This award-winning franchise’s mission is to expand its footprint to serve even more pet parents and their beloved companions. Over the next three years, the franchise hopes to sell 59 units and open another 54 locations. With the pet care industry’s continued growth, these goals are definitely attainable no matter what the world throws at us.

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K9 Resorts Franchise vs. Central Bark Franchise

Which Should You Invest In?

The time has come to open your own dog daycare franchise, but you’re stuck on deciding which one is the right fit for you and your goals. Doing research on your options is crucial to the success of your future business. With all the options on the market, you want to find out the important information about each before making your decision. What do the finances look like? How can operations impact your bottom line? If you’re interested in running an industry-leading franchise, then K9 Resorts might be the best bet for you and here’s why.


Operations is what sets any business apart from its competition. When you’re looking into owning a dog daycare franchise, you’ll want to select the one that speaks to you in terms of how their operations are handled. As an example, do they offer any proprietary processes or services that will put your business above the competition in the same market? With the growth of dog daycares, it’s clear that most people think nearly anyone can take care of our furry friends while their owners are gone, but not all dog daycare franchises and independent dog daycares are equal. Knowing how the particular franchise you’re interested in operates and views pet care is crucial to your success. Here are a few things to research about the operations of a dog daycare franchise you might be looking into.


Both K9 Resorts and Central Bark franchises offer similar services like daycare and boarding but only one truly sets itself apart. The K9 Resorts franchise focuses specifically on providing stress-free, veterinarian-recommended luxury daycare and boarding services. With a laser focus on excelling at a few critical services, they are able to perfect those processes. Instead of offering a multitude of services like grooming and training, our goal is to provide a safe, stress-free place that results in happy and healthy dogs. We accomplish this through proven, effective processes that every franchisee learns and practices in daily operations.


Processes, and how well they’re implemented and adhered to, are what make a successful business. The K9 Resorts franchise goes above and beyond when it comes to providing proven processes for dog daycare and boarding. At K9 Resorts, we’ve spent the last 15 years figuring out how to perfect our craft. We knew that dogs were leaving other facilities stressed out, dirty, and sick. Because of that, and our love for our four-legged friends, we decided to develop proven processes that create a stress-free, luxury environment where pets are pampered based on their specific needs. While the pack mentality works for some, it doesn’t work for all. By offering multi-zone boarding, we are able to reduce overall pet stress at our facilities. Each franchise is equipped with our industry-leading technology like hospital-grade air purification systems, flooring with built-in Microban, and our outdoor “pet-safe” courtyards featuring revolutionary K9 Grass with Alphasan antimicrobial agents. We offer world-class training to our franchise staff so they know how to handle any situation that should arise and to give furry family members and their parents the best care and service possible.

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Everything You Need to Know About a K9 Resorts Franchise


What’s more important than finances when it comes to owning a business? Understanding the financials of any franchise you might be interested in is probably one of the first things you want to learn. You need to know how much money you’ll need upfront, how much you can expect to pay in fees every year, and even how much you can expect in return. So, how does the K9 Resorts franchise compare to the Central Bark franchise when it comes to financials.

Upfront Investment

Compared to other dog daycare franchises, you will need a little bit more of an initial investment for K9 Resorts. The K9 Resorts franchise initial investment ranges from $968,748-$1,789,360. With Central Bark, the initial investment is between $520,063 to $874,556.


The annual royalty, which is paid to your franchisor, is 6% of revenue for Central Bark and 7% of revenue for the K9 Resorts franchise. With the Central Bark franchise, you’re also expected to pay a 2% marketing fund fee on gross sales.


What differentiates you from the competition? That’s one of the most crucial questions you need to answer when opening any business. There are lots of options on the market, but what makes people want to patronize your business. Leveraging differentiators is critical to your success. It’s clear that not all dog daycare franchises are created equal and there are some differentiators that may play a large role in how your operation fares in your intended market.


People tend to buy into the beliefs of a business. How do the core beliefs of a franchise influence their processes? Do you agree with these beliefs and processes? Above, we went over the unique and proven ways that K9 Resorts focuses on its pet patrons and provides award-winning customer service. The owners, operators, and staff are committed to providing world-class service for their pet and human patrons at every K9 Resorts franchise. Our processes were created and fine-tuned to ensure that each pet has a stress-free, five-star experience and that their parents feel completely comfortable leaving them in K9 Resorts’ care. Our belief system supports these processes and the foundation of how K9 Resorts was built revolves around an ideal experience for our furry family members. Everything we do, from our facilities to our processes and beyond at each franchise, supports that mission.


You might not think that ownership of the franchise matters when it comes to your success, but it’s more important than you think. Ownership of the franchise can really guide where it goes in the future and what kind of support you have on your journey. Does the person who built the franchise from the ground up own it or is it another entity like a board? K9 Resorts is owned and operated by the founders, which means their success is your success and vice versa. The beliefs and mission of K9 Resorts is consistent through each of its locations because the people who founded it are still directing its growth. The founders of K9 Resorts own a majority share in the business 15 years since its founding and are heavily involved in operations and franchisees’ success. Central Bark is also owned and operated by a duo who founded the franchise system and oversees it today, however with double the locations of K9 Resorts, you may just be another number.

K9 Resorts offers a best-in-class service. Solidify your decision to be a part of an operation that stands above the crowd by contacting us today to learn even more.