Month: July 2022

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Is Pet Daycare & Lodging Expected to Rise?

With inflation skyrocketing, you understandably want to find ways to cut costs where you can. If you are like many other pet parents, however, taking care of your pets is one thing that you are not willing to skimp on. Your pets are used to their favorite food, or perhaps they have a special diet that they need to follow. They may be accustomed to specific treats and toys, and you understandably do not want to forsake a well-pet visit at the vet’s office simply to save a few bucks. When the time comes to plan your next outing, however, you may be wondering if you will pay a small fortune to get your pets quality care when you need to be away from the house. K9 Resorts specializes in providing quality boarding and daycare services for dogs and we take pride in maintaining competitive rates for our services.


The Impact of Inflation on Pet Daycare and Lodging

The unfortunate reality is that pet care and services have risen along with other essentials, such as food, gas, housing, and more. In fact, pet food, toys, vet care, daycare, and lodging are all categorized together in one recent survey. This survey found that these pet expenses have risen by more than 7% over the last year. Of course, some items, such as pet daycare and lodging, may have increased more than that. These expenses may continue to rise in the near future. While you may need to keep costs to a minimum, you do not want to make concessions for something as critical as the care of your pets.

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Will the Pet Industry Ever Fade?


Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Pet Daycare and Lodging

K9 Resorts takes pride in providing the highest level of care possible for our pet guests. At the same time, we know how important it is for our customers to keep dog daycare and boarding costs as affordable as possible. There are some strategies available that you can take to reduce your daycare and lodging expenses. For example, we offer three levels of accommodations for pets. To reduce dog boarding costs, consider opting for one of our more affordable options to save money throughout your pet’s stay with us. In some cases, we are able to room pets from the same family together, and this can result in additional savings. For doggie daycare, consider the different pricing packages that we offer. You can choose half-day rather than full-day doggie daycare. Some of our locations also offer discount booklets, which enable you to save money by purchasing multiple daycare visits upfront.


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