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Fueled by Passion

If you’re looking to start a dog business and you’re a dog lover, you might be wondering if you can leverage your love of pets into a profitable enterprise. If so, you’re on the right track.

Growing Business Opportunity

The pet care business was worth $69 billion in 2017. That includes $6 billion spent on boarding and grooming services, the fastest-growing segment of the industry.

Various Options

Within this booming market, there are many types of dog business opportunities available. Some like Pet Depot and Pet Valu focus on pet food and supplies. Others like The Dog Wizard and Off-Leash K9 Training provide dog training. Then there are some like Aussie Pet Mobile who provide pet grooming. As well some are actually business opportunities for you, some are not.

Lucrative Business Potential
Growing Demand + Precise Operating Systems


K9 Resorts offers a different business model with distinct advantages.

Flourishing Franchise Opportunity

We combine the benefits of a franchise business model with a niched focus on providing dogs with an optimized, stress-free environment when they’re away from their homes.

Quality Pet Care & Accommodation

Our operation is designed to supply dogs with the best possible care in everything we do, from the way our facilities are designed to our pet health procedures to the services we include.

Secure start-up platform

Our proven franchise model, honed by two decades of experience, provides a secure platform for starting up so you don’t have to learn through trial and error.

Stress-free Environment

We don’t include any services that can stress dogs out, such as grooming or training services.

Training & Guidance

We supply you with training in how to run your operations, guidance on how to market and advertise successfully, and ongoing support to help you succeed.

Ready To Leap?

The optimal environment to serve dogs and their parents. A thriving industry. Precise systems to simplify franchise set-up and ongoing operation. Stunning returns. Are you in?