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  • Lucrative Business Potential

    Growing Demand + Precise Operating Systems

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Dog grooming is heavily regulated. The practice requires specially licensed employees, which requires you to find and hire skilled professionals and pay them a competitive wage, which can increase operating costs.

Dog Training

Training requires skilled labor which results in a higher overall operating cost. More importantly, it’s not necessarily a built-in repeat business. There is only so far a dog can go through training classes and once they’ve achieved it all.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is certainly a big business that keeps pets happy. However, it’s a hard business to regulate via franchising. Not only are you competing with local, word-of-mouth businesses, this service is quickly moving toward online “gig” platforms like and

Inventory-based Businesses

Inventory-based pet franchises, requiring turning over of inventory to make the business work, will continue to compete with online providers like Amazon and

Lucrative Business Potential
Growing Demand + Precise Operating Systems


Key points that make K9 Franchise successful.


The simplicity of our business comes directly from our carefully crafted and perfected systems that manage every inch of the business. From signing the contract to opening day and beyond, we provide on-going support for financing, training, and operation.

Industry growth momentum

Pet care is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. There is a built-in demand for quality pet boarding and care. Our field and time-tested systems are proven to provide the optimal, stress-free environment for man’s best friend, which is a recipe for success.

Proven systems

This is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. We’ve crafted operating systems that alleviate some of the biggest problems in running pet care operations and consistently providing an extraordinary customer experience.

Training your manager to manage the operation

Our systems are built so that your managers can run them seamlessly. We provide training to managers who in turn train the rest of the staff. We also require every staff member to obtain certification through our processes dependent on what activities they’ll be responsible for on the job.

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The optimal environment to serve dogs and their parents. A thriving industry. Precise systems to simplify franchise set-up and ongoing operation. Stunning returns. Are you in?