Growing Pet Service Industry


Although the economy has been having many ups and downs, the pet industry has still been growing. Despite the cut backs many Americans have been making, they are not cutting back on pampering their dogs.

According to the Franchise Help website:

“(The) annual revenue growth in pet products and services is anticipated to clock in at some 4.4% through 2016 (one of the few industries that can say so). As the recovery takes hold, household disposable income will rise even faster, and spending on pets will pick up even more.”

Franchise Help also states that “the pet service industry has doubled over the past decade to over $50 billion. Analysts estimate 2012 revenues of nearly $53 billion, as the pet care franchise opportunities continue along the steady growth path of the past 20 years. Over 60% of American families own at least one pet. As this number continues to escalate, more and more pet service franchises are opening to address demand in the United States.”

Industry Statistics
Fastest growing segment – Pet Services
25 years of consecutive industry growth

2016 $62.75 Billion (estimated)
2015 $60.28 Billion
2014 $58.04 Billion
2013 $55.72 Billion
2012 $53 Billion
2011 $50.96 Billion
2010 $47.7 Billion

Average Gross Sales:


$1,617,374 Corporate Location, 2016
$760,977 EBITDA
$1,204,113* Franchises, 2016
$391,963 EBITDA*

* Average of 7,000 sq. ft. locations

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