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      Who Are K9 Resorts Customers?

      Our customers know they’ll get top-quality, hygienic, and stress-free care for their pets.

      Dog-Lovers of All Kinds

      $100K+ average household income

      College educated

      Lead busy and active lives

      Frequent travelers

      Retirees or other dog owners seeking additional activity for their pets

      Why Do Customers Choose K9 Resorts?

      Our customers know what’s best for their dogs, and they trust K9 Resorts to provide high-quality care, compared to other pet care franchises. Our cleanliness standards and all-inclusive pricing makes K9 Resorts the premier doggy daycare destination.

      Are there limits on how long a dog can stay?

      A dog can be a guest with us for as long as is needed! However, we will ask for partial payments if a pet stays with us for longer than 21 days.

      Are reservations required?

      As long as a dog has all of the appropriate vaccines, they do not need a reservation for daycare. Boarding accommodations can be provided spontaneously as well.

      How do you attract new customers?

      The K9 Resorts team not only offers expert guidance and training while you establish your business, we’ll help you make an impression in your community through grassroots marketing and digital outreach.

      What Our Customers Say

      • K9 Resorts is one of a kind. The team at K9 Resorts made me feel like family from the moment I walked in until the moment I picked up my dog. From the luxurious feel on the facility to the obvious passion for dogs from the staff, I never questioned them one bit.
        Jessica F.

      • I don’t just drop my dog off anywhere. When I saw the cleanliness of K9 Resorts and the kindness that comes from the team, I had no doubts that this was the place for my dog. Me and my wife went on a week long trip and never had to worry once. I will always use K9 Resorts whenever we leave town again.
        Mitch K.

      • Entering a K9 Resorts is like entering a top of the line hotel - even I was tempted to stay there! The services they offer are unmatched. My dog loved it so much she was hesitant to come back home when it was time to go! I can’t stop talking about K9 Resorts to whoever will listen.
        Meredith M.