We raised pet franchises to a new level.

Average ebitda of $391,9631 shows we got it right.

By focusing on the largest and most lucrative part of the pet boarding industry, K9 Resorts created an extraordinary opportunity for you.


What’s at issue?
More Americans own dogs than any other pet. And dogs have special care needs. With unemployment and dual income households near records - quality dog care away from home is today’s necessity.

Quality dog care options are scarce.
Stress creates issues for dogs. And being away from home and pack is stressful enough. Often traditional boarding experiences adds stress. Steven and Jason Parker crafted a better way.

K9 Resorts answers the call.
K9 Resorts are premium pet daycare and boarding resorts with an uncompromising focus on optimal stress-free environments for dogs. When dogs are happy and healthy, pet parents are delighted and keeps them coming back.

Now you can own the nationally acclaimed K9 Resorts pet franchise. Read on.

The dog care market is growing rapidly. Access this growth with the K9 Resorts Franchise model.

Leading Industry Dynamics

Unemployment near record lows. Two income households near record highs3. Dog ownership at record levels – nearly 50% of Americans own dogs4. Dog care away from home is today’s necessity!

Leading Operations

Our deep operational knowledge streamlines set-up, and ongoing operations to allow managers to run facilities while you to focus on overall business growth.

Leading Customer Attraction and Retention Methods

Obtaining and retaining customers is our entire business philosophy. Well proven strategies help you fill your new facility.

Leading Returns

Average ebita of $391,963 for K9 Resorts franchise locations and $760,977 ebita for the flagship location shows our model performs2.

Lead the Pack with a K9 Resorts Pet Franchise.

Ready To Leap?

The optimal environment to serve dogs and their parents. A thriving industry. Precise systems to simplify franchise set-up and ongoing operation. Stunning returns. Are you in?