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      The Opportunity

      A flourishing industry is at the heart of the K9 Resorts opportunity. Dogs are not only great companions, they help kids learn responsibility, assist veterans and people with disabilities, and boost our emotional well-being.

      Revenue is at record levels and has grown steadily over the past five years—fueled in large part by increased spending on pet services. Better yet, the American Pet Products Association reports that the pet industry is recession-proof1.

      The Breakdown

      High-quality pet care is in demand, nearly 65% of U.S. households have at least one dog and Americans spend $100 billion1 on their pets annually.

      Millennials, in particular, are treating their pets like family members and are willing to invest in premium products and services.

      • 72% of millennials have pets1
      • Average annual spending per pet is $1,2852
      • Social media pet influencers are flourishing

      Baby boomers, who are often empty nesters, are also big pet lovers. In fact, they were the first generation to bring animals indoors and treat them like family.

      • 40% of baby boomers have pets3
      • 90% of boomers say dogs have a positive impact on their lives3
      • The 55+ population spends more, year over year, on pet care and services3

      Not surprisingly, the pet services industry has grown steadily for 25 years with no signs of slowing down. K9 Resorts is proud to be part of that growth, creating stress-free environments for dogs—and lucrative business opportunities for franchisees.

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