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    K9 Resorts answered that call. Providing the optimal care environments for pets and a lucrative franchise opportunity for you. Read on.


For busy pet parents, dog care away from home is often needed. But current service options can stress pets... and parents in turn.

Boarding stress can cause illness, weight loss, and a resistance to return to a boarding facility for both dogs AND parents! K9 Resorts was developed to change this. Today K9 Resorts is a nationally recognized authority on the optimal, stress-free care for dog guests, which gives guilt-free peace of mind to pet parents.

Stress-free and health is the focus. Our ONLY focus. We want pets and parents to love coming back and everything we do supports this mission!


Redefining Care For Dogs When Away From Home

Dog Care Visionaries Create a Flourishing Franchise Opportunity

Steven and Jason Parker created K9 Resorts to solve large scale issues prevalent in the dog care industry. The K9 Resorts model set a new standard for dog care nationwide and now the Parkers have built a world-class franchise system around this new standard of care. Along with their seasoned management team, K9 Resorts is expanding nationwide!

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Our Elite Business System

As operational experts, the Parkers have set up a prescribed system to manage every aspect of the business. There is no guess work in starting and operating your own K9 Resorts. Business operation is simple with powerful operating procedures, allowing managers and staff to manage the daily tasks.

Training Makes Your Team Experts

Training is at the center of the K9 Resorts model. Training and the operational systems are what allow you to run your business with confidence and rely on managers and their team to deliver consistent results for your customers .

Marketing to Grow Customers

You'll want customers talking about K9 Resorts even before you open. We know what drives customer demand at every stage of your business and help you with the optimal marketing processes, guidance, assets and support you'll need to attract and grow delighted customers.


Most new businesses require start-up capital, regardless of whether you franchise or not. We have relationships with lenders who will view that brand’s referrals more favorably than an independent business owner just starting out.

A flourishing pet industry is at the heart of the K9 Resorts opportunity.

Americans spent more than $66 billion dollars on their pets annually, according to the American Pet Products Association. The spending is at record levels, which has grown consistently over the past 5 years. This growth has been fueled in large part by increased spending in pet services.

Employment is at record lows. Dual income households at record highs. Quality dog care was never needed more.

The pet industry is big business.

The Number Of Pets Is Growing

Nearly 65% of American homes have pets. That means more than 85 million families in the United States have pets and that number is growing as well. Around 56% more Americans own pets now than did in 1988.

Millennials Are Spending More Than Ever

As Baby Boomers become empty nesters, they are filling their homes with pets and they are spending. Pet spending in the over 55 category continues to grow every year.

25 Years Of Continuous Growth

The pet services industry has shown consistent industry growth every year for more than 25 years. In 1998, the pet industry took in $23 billion dollars. That number literally tripled by 2017.

Lucrative Business Potential = Growing Demand + Precise Operating Systems

An estimated 78 million dogs are owned in the United States. Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have at least one dog*. With 117 million US households, Americans spend almost $70 billion dollars on their pets annually*. Spending on pets is at record levels, and grown consistently over the past 5 years. Two of ten K9 Resorts franchisees open for 24 months or longer using the 7,000 sq/ft model averaged $1,204,113* in gross sales and $391,963 in ebidta.

Operations that nearly run themselves

This is a real business. Need we say more?

Average Gross Sales:

Who says work has to be unenjoyable? Owning a K9 Resorts makes the journey to success fun!

Average Gross Sales:

$1,617,374Corporate Location, 2016
$1,204,113*Franchises, 2016*

*Average of 7,000 sq. ft. locations




years of success


guests served last year


annual growth (%)

How to Start

Steps to Franchising K9 Resorts

Talk to Us

We need to get to know one another to determine if there is a good fit for both of us.  This begins with your submitting an initial inquiry to us or calling us at (908) 889-PETS.  We don’t sell franchises, we award them to qualified people that we feel will continue to build on the K9 Resorts track record.  Let’s talk.

FDD Review

Every franchise company must provide you with their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s franchise sales rule. The FDD is a uniform document consisting of 23 items plus the standard franchise agreement. K9 Resorts will provide you with our FDD and allow you as much time as necessary to review this document and to ask any questions you may have about its contents.


After learning more about one another through an initial conversation, if we agree that K9 Resorts feels like a good fit, your next step will be to submit an application for franchise candidacy. At this stage, you will be providing more detailed information about yourself that will allow us to continue the process.

Sign Franchise Agreement

Once you feel good about joining our franchise family and have made the informed and educated decision to become a K9 Resorts franchisee, the only thing left to do is sign your franchise agreement. This final step on your path to franchising with K9 Resorts will begin your next chapter in life as a K9 Resorts franchisee. We can’t wait to welcome you to the K9 Resorts family of franchise owners and congratulate you on owning your own business!

Schedule a Formal Visit

Your next step on the road to franchising is to attend Discovery Day at our corporate offices. Discovery Day is your opportunity to meet K9 Resorts senior management team and staff, view our operation, and hear more about our vision for continued growth and industry pioneering.

Lucrative Business Potential
Growing Demand + Precise Operating Systems

  • "I was proud to serve my country as a U.S. Marine and now I am proud to serve the pet community as a K9 Resorts franchise owner. K9 Resorts has allowed me to realize the American Dream of owning my own business!"

    – Rob Kallen

    K9 Resorts Franchisee
  • "I chose K9 Resorts because I was frustrated and under satisfied with working in medicine for 10 years. I wanted to open my own business doing something I have a passion for. I opened my K9 location in East Brunswick, NJ in 2015 and it's been nothing short of wonderful! The most satisfying aspect of owning a K9 Resorts franchise is two fold: One, of course, is getting to take care of the wonderful and amazing animals who visit us day in and day out. Ant two, getting to interact and grow relationships with their owners, all of which love bringing their dogs to us knowing we will take care of their four-legged family members. It's been an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling experience!"

    – Bill Ippolito

    K9 Resorts Franchisee

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The optimal environment to serve dogs and their parents. A thriving industry. Precise systems to simplify franchise set-up and ongoing operation. Stunning returns. Are you in?