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The K9 Resorts


A premium environment for pampered pets.
A lucrative dog daycare franchise for driven entrepreneurs.

Proven Results

Annual Growth
Average Franchisee EB|TDA
Years of Success
Guests Served in 2017

1. Average of 7000 sq. ft. locations. This information is based on the average unit gross sales for a 7000 sq. ft. franchisee K9 Resort units that were in operation for the entire 12 months period ending Dec. 31, 2017. See Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

A System Built on Precision

In order to create scalable success, respect for the process was also essential. Carefully honed over 20+ years, the K9 Resorts dog daycare business model is built on precision, ensuring client satisfaction at every visit. Whether you hire a general manager or oversee the business yourself, turnkey systems will fuel your success.

Unparalleled Care & Services

  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Customized care options
  • Ultra-hygienic facilities

Highly Refined Operations

  • Expert location selection
  • Hiring and training protocols
  • Marketing and tech platforms

Growth-Oriented Culture

  • 24/7 franchisee support
  • Checklist-based duties
  • Valuable updates and alerts

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  • I was proud to serve my country as a U.S. Marine and now I am proud to serve the pet community as a K9 Resorts franchise owner. K9 Resorts has allowed me to realize the American Dream of owning my own business!
    — K9 Resorts Franchise

  • I chose K9 Resorts because I was frustrated and under-satisfied with working in medicine for 10 years. I wanted to open my own business doing something have a passion for. I opened my K9 location in East Brunswick, NJ in 2015 and it's been nothing short of wonderful!
    — K9 Resorts Franchise