Initial Investment and Potential Return

The cost to open your franchise will depend on several factors, including the size of your building, its location, construction costs, equipment, professional fees, and licenses. A K9 Resorts facility can range in size from 4,000 square feet to 6,700 square feet.

  • $1,479,974 - $2,446,135
  • $3,094,907 - $4,042,840
  • $2,094,907 - $3,042,840
  • $1,479,974 - $2,446,135

Estimated Single Unit Startup Costs

  • $1,705,883
  • $3,442,412
  • $2,472,527
  • $1,705,883

Average Gross Sales1

  • $481,405
  • $681,233
  • $564,897
  • $481,405

Average EBITDA2

Initial Franchise Fee

Group 462@2x

$ 49,500

1 Unit

Group 461@2x

$ 89,500

2 Units

Group 459@2x

$ 129,500

3 Units

$ 29,500

Real Estate and Coordination Fee


Gross Revenue Royalty


Monthly Gross Revenue of Brand Fund


Technology Fee


Marketing Fee

K9 Resorts® offers financing options³

Capital Requirements

  • $ 2.5M
  • $ 4M
  • $ 3M
  • $ 2.5M

Personal Net Worth

  • $ 1M
  • $ 3M
  • $ 2M
  • $ 1M

Liquid Capital

Our minimum financial requirements are $2.5 million personal net worth.

$1 million in liquid capital, and the ability to support your lifestyle while opening and growing your business.

Multi-Unit Franchising

Multiply Your Potential

At K9 Resorts, our goal is to help our franchisees thrive. For select owners and entrepreneurs, our multi-unit manager-run model is the perfect way to maximize their investment. Our multi-unit franchising program allows franchisees to leverage additional cost savings, reduce expenses, benefit from economies of scale, and has a higher probability of success to see improved ROI.

Franchisees who opt to pursue multi-unit franchising with K9 Resorts will benefit from our Multi-Unit Operator Agreement. This term grants a price reduction to the franchise development fee for second and third resort units. Our built-in risk reduction helps to ensure that your investment is protected every step of the way. Taking advantage of these cost savings allows for the improvement of cost economics across the board.

Additionally, as you scale your operational expertise will empower you to launch and run subsequent successful units, offering the potential for a higher return time and time again. With each unit, your knowledge and experience of franchise operations and the industry as a whole will trend upward.