Steps to K9 Resorts Franchise Ownership

K9 Resorts is on track, through existing franchise owners development schedules, to open 100 new locations in markets throughout the US in the next 5 years, making it the perfect time to join our mission of bringing unparalleled pet care to communities around the country. And unlike many franchises, K9 Resorts is a service-based business with no receivables or inventory, with full-time managers running each resort. Our business model is straightforward and our resorts are simple to manage in an industry with never-ending demand, allowing franchisees to thrive.

Step 1
Get in Touch

We don’t sell franchises. We award them to qualified people who can build on our track record and grow the K9 Resorts brand. So let’s get to know each other and see if it’s the right fit. Reach out today by filling out this form or calling 908.889.PETS.

Step 2

Once both parties agree that K9 Resorts is a great fit, you’ll be invited to submit an application for franchise candidacy. At this stage, you’ll provide detailed information about yourself that will allow us to continue the process.

Step 3

We will guide you through a thoughtful discovery process to support you in doing your due diligence on the K9 Resorts brand

Step 4

Attend a Discovery Day, our monthly, invitation-only event where you get to tour Resorts, meet our co-founders and leadership team, and have an immersive experience of our brand to get all of your final questions answered.

Step 5
Sign Franchise Agreement

When you’re ready to join our franchise family, all you have to do is sign your agreement. This final step on the checklist to franchising with K9 Resorts is when the journey really begins.

We’ve streamlined the ownership process as much as possible, so you can get to work without delay. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and congratulating you on owning your own business.

An Exclusive, Luxury Franchise

Awarded to Driven Entrepreneurs

Upholding the gold standard is prioritized in every facet of our business, not only in the services we offer clients. K9 Resorts takes pride in hand-selecting and awarding franchises to ideal owners. We firmly believe in granting each resort to a franchisee who is passionate and driven to succeed. Our family of franchisees is comprised of impressive entrepreneurs who understand the value of our business and the impact of their investment.

Available Territories, Untapped Potential

Our Franchisees are Protected

K9 Resorts works hand-in-hand with our franchisees every step of the way through ongoing collaboration. Once an owner is awarded a resort, we will identify an Approved Location and mutually agree on a “Protected Area” described by zip codes or geographical boundaries. Each K9 Resorts franchise is allocated a Protected Area, typically covering a five-mile radius around your Franchised Business or including a population of 200,000 people. When joining K9 Resorts, you can rest assured that your business and investment are protected with the promise of zero interference from other franchises.