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      What Makes a Great Franchisee?

      Our partners are passionate about pets and driven to succeed.

      What Top K9 Resorts Franchisees Have in Common

      K9 Resorts franchisees are entrepreneurs committed to creating high-quality, happy, and healthy environments for dogs. They also have the business skills to build strong and trusted relationships with customers—both the two-legged and four-legged ones! Strong management and leadership skills are a must, along with the financial acumen to open and run a successful K9 Resort.

      Our top franchisees are also drawn to K9 Resorts because they want to have fun! Our upscale doggie daycares position them as a positive influence in their communities. You don’t need experience in dog boarding; you just need to love dogs!

      What is the Time Commitment for Franchise Ownership?

      Option 1


      Time Commitment: Full

      Do you enjoy the hands-on experience of working with pets and interacting with clients? This model is for franchisees who want to be part of the daily operations of their business: managing and training your team and building relationships with your customers.

      Option 2


      Time Commitment: Flexible

      If you prefer to manage your K9 Resorts franchise while maintaining other commitments (or managing multiple K9 Resorts at once), this model will let you operate your business with flexibility. You will provide the overall vision and accountability while your staff handles day-to-day operations.

      Capital Requirements


      Personal Net Worth


      Liquid Capital

      Our minimum financial requirements are $1 million personal net worth, $400K in liquid capital, and the ability to support your lifestyle while opening and growing your business.

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