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3 Questions to Ask Before Opening a Dog Daycare Franchise

If the idea of spending your days surrounded by dogs sounds like heaven, you might be an ideal candidate to open a dog daycare. Learning about your options for a dog daycare is the first step to owning a franchise. You should ask several franchise questions to determine if owning a luxury dog daycare is the right choice for you.

Questions to Ask Franchisor

These are the three most important questions to ask franchisors. The answers should help you determine if the franchise fits your budget, time limitations, and business goals.

1. What services does this franchise offer?

Franchisors should offer several services to their franchisees. The franchisor should have a program that helps new franchisees get their businesses started. These services should include a clear set of standards, training programs, and purchasing in scale.

At K9 Resorts, we provide necessary services to our franchisees to maintain the same quality of standards throughout the system. Everything in the K9 Resorts franchise is standardized, so everything from appointment setting to ordering supplies is standard. The franchise provides training programs for new franchisees and their employees.

K9 Resorts provides many more growth-oriented services for franchisees. The services include 24/7 franchise support, updates and alerts, and an easy-to-read checklist of duties. K9 Resorts also offers assistance in finding the perfect location along with marketing and tech platforms, with plenty of training.

The goal is for a customer to enter any K9 Resorts and receive the same level of customer service that makes us the premium environment for pampered pets.

2. What is the investment and expected return?

Before you buy a franchise, it is essential to know how much money you must invest and what you can expect to earn in return. No franchise will guarantee a return on investment, so franchise offices base expected returns on other franchises in similar markets.

At K9 Resorts, each franchise has different start-up and operating costs based on their locations as they range in size from 4,000 to 6,700 square feet. Before you decide whether K9 Resorts fits your budget and your investment goals, we send you a disclosure statement with the franchising costs.

Franchisees pay a 7% royalty to K9 Resorts, and many franchisees invest between $968,748-$1,789,360 to open a Luxury Pet Hotel. K9 Resorts promises a five-mile radius of exclusivity, which other dog daycare franchises cannot match. Many franchisees have a minimum EBITDA of $481,928.

We can report that two of our ten franchisees, who have been open for at least two years and have the maximum space, averaged over $1.4 million in gross sales. Our prospectus and disclosure documents explain franchise fees, so you know what to expect when you open a Luxury Pet Hotel under the K9 Resort name.

3. Does the franchise offer support?

A top franchise should offer support to the franchisee. The best franchises offer 24/7 support for any need that arises. They should provide support for training, operations, and marketing. Since cybersecurity is an issue that many businesses face, franchisors should offer tech support, too.

K9 Resorts takes care of its franchisees with 24/7 support as well as essential options like site selection and proprietary software. They also offer online support and a franchisee intranet platform. To get the resort started, they also take care of grand opening events and celebrations.

We also provide marketing support in the form of national media and regional advertising with templates. We also help with social media marketing through website development, SEO, and email marketing. Customers and franchisees also appreciate our loyalty program and app.

Investing in any franchise comes with risks. But when you invest in a franchise that historically reports a positive return on investment and offers plenty of support, then the risk is minimized. K9 Resorts takes care of their franchisees, because they are the face of the organization that customers see when they need their dogs in the premier, luxury dog daycare.

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Best Online Courses for Small Business Owners & Franchisees

Certain industries and franchise opportunities are easier to get into without any secondary education. For example, the pet industry offers a variety of positions at different levels that don’t require a college degree. However, most (if not all) people starting in business want to set themselves up for as much success as possible. One sure way of doing that is by enrolling in online courses tailored towards small business owners.

We’ve assembled a selection of the three best courses for small business owners. All these courses will help you acquire new skills from the comfort of your own home. You’ll have the flexibility to tend to your small business needs while growing as an entrepreneur as you do your coursework. All our selections are from Udemy, the world’s most extensive collection of online courses.

Straight Talk About Franchising

First up is Straight Talk about Franchising, created by the author, columnist, and business owner Cynthia Readnower. She draws from her experience in franchising to give you a comprehensive look into what it’s like buying a franchise and owning a business. She draws from real-life situations, and personal anecdotes backed up with tons of data and information about business and franchises.

Some things you can expect to learn in Straight Talk About Franchising are:

  • The criteria for what makes a good franchise
  • The criteria for what makes a lousy franchise
  • Keys to the best HR practices
  • The main things it takes to run a business
  • Operational skills including accounting, customer service, managing systems, and equipment maintenance

The Expert Guide to Buying

Next on our list is The Expert Guide to Buying, created by Mitch Boraski, an entrepreneur and content creator for The Franchise Guyz. This course is like a survey course; it’s a complete overview of franchising. You might like this course if you’re an entrepreneur, a franchise buyer, or a franchise investor.

Instructors of The Expert Guide to Buying draw from their over ten years experience in franchising to fully prepare you for buying a franchise. The only requirement for this course is the ability to understand basic business concepts.

Some things you can expect to learn in The Expert Guide to Buying are:

  • A step-by-step overview of the franchising process
  • The Top 10 Tips for what to know before you buy
  • How to navigate the franchising process
  • How to buy a franchise
  • How to invest in a franchise

Effective Time Management

Last but certainly not least on our list is Effective Time Management. This course was created by William U. Pena, the best selling author, and entrepreneur. This course aims to help shift your perspective from “time management” to “task management,” a simple adjustment that will help you become 10 times more productive. You’ll learn how to effectively prioritize your tasks so that you can get more high-level projects done more quickly.

This course is for all levels. You’re only required to complete the exercises detailed in each video. This course is for entrepreneurs, business or department leaders, or any employee who wants to become more efficient.

Some things you can expect to learn in Effective Time Management are:

  • How to get ten times as much done in half the time
  • The secret to effective time management
  • How to identify high-value tasks
  • How to develop and maintain a successful routine
  • Seven ways to get things done – guaranteed
  • How to give yourself more free time
  • Much, much more

Any of the online courses listed above would be the best courses for small business owners, franchise owners, or anyone who wants to make a transition into business or franchising. Again, while it’s not always necessary to get an online certification, it is an excellent way to ensure that you’re ready to take on the business world and be successful.

At K9 Resorts, we offer an exciting, franchising opportunity to enter the thriving pet industry. Our systems are simple and effective, and our services are top of the line. We are proud to support our franchisees throughout the entire process. Check us out here!