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Jessica Finnegan at K9 Resorts

Why Veterinarians Would Make Great Dog Daycare Business Owners

And Why a Franchise Could Be the Perfect Fit

The veterinary industry isn’t reaping the same benefits as the pet care industry overall. In fact, vets have seen their bottom line decrease up to 50% from competition from online medication providers. It used to be that all pet medication was acquired from your neighborhood vet, but with services like 1-800-Pet-Meds, there are many more options in the field and prices online tend to be lower than in office. However, there may be one way that veterinarians can increase their profits by doing something that they’re passionate about – taking care of dogs. Vets might be the perfect people to own a dog daycare and boarding facility. They inherently understand what these pets need both socially and medically, and they have an undying love for animals.

We were lucky enough to sit down with our friend and colleague, Jessica Finnegan, to learn more about this fantastic business opportunity. Jessica is the CEO/Founder of Trinity Tower Consulting, as well as a consultant, mentor and friend to pet resort owners everywhere. Trinity Tower Consulting, LLC partners with small business owners as their trusted advisor to help them identify opportunities, disrupt unsuccessful practices, and develop plans for change that take their business from mediocre to marvelous. She spent the last 12 years working as Director of Operations for the largest hybrid pet resort and veterinary hospital with a capacity of over 400 boarding units, rehab, daycare, training, grooming and limo services – so she knows a thing or two about the industry. With the help of Jessica, let’s dive in and explore some ways vets owning dog daycares could be a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Should Veterinarians and Boarding Resorts Partner Together?

Simply put, veterinarians and dog boarding resorts really work out to be the perfect partners. Vets have their own business but could use an additional revenue stream. Dog daycare and boarding facilities want to provide the absolute best care to their clients, and that includes providing an extra layer of comfort from knowing that a vet is involved in the business, is an advisor, and can act at a moment’s notice if needed. The benefits for both parties are plentiful. Not only can vets increase their overall revenue and maintain their bottom line against online competition, they have the opportunity to provide a unique service to their patients. Pet parents want to know that their furry friends are being provided the best care when they’re not around, so a veterinarian-backed dog daycare and boarding facility is the perfect solution.

“The veterinary industry has seen a huge shift in revenue opportunities. With large groups like Amazon, Costco and 1-800-Pet-Meds capitalizing on the relationships with medical distributors to purchase and buy in large bulk and sell at huge discounts, veterinarians have seen a significant decline in sales and profit on inventory,” Jessica explains. “Veterinarians are struggling to re-identify themselves and their value to the community. A strong focus on services has led veterinarians to re-look at the pet hospitality industry as a viable and profitable addition to their practices. This collaborative relationship between veterinary and resort is an obvious win.”

Jessica Finnegan giving a presentation

Why Is It a Good Idea for Veterinarians to Get Into Dog Boarding Franchises?

Opening and running a dog daycare and boarding facility can be a lot for a vet that already has a bustling practice. Partnering with a dog boarding franchise is a great way to reap the benefits of revenue and authority over the business without the responsibility of running it. Running two businesses concurrently is overwhelming for anyone, especially two businesses that are so demanding. However, a veterinarian getting into dog daycare and boarding makes great sense for a number of reasons, as Jessica explains below:

“The dog boarding franchise checks all the boxes of the veterinarian’s concerns in considering partnership with resorts. The franchise platform supplies the toolbox for a successful resort business from staffing and training, procedures, protocols and financial benchmarks. The franchise has done all the hard work in researching the best design, equipment and practices.”

With a premium franchise like K9 Resorts, a vet can open and own a dog boarding facility without worrying about daily operation. K9 Resorts provides outstanding assistance with training, so the business owner can be sure their staff is the best and be comfortable in an advisory role instead of an operational one. This setup is perfect for veterinarians looking to get into the business of dog daycare and boarding.

What Are Customers Looking For In Dog Daycare?

Dog daycare and boarding has become such an important part of many pet parents’ lives. Pet parents want to know that their beloved furry family members are being well cared for and having a good time when they have to be away. Dog daycare and boarding facilities have the responsibility to ensure the pets under their care are safe and having fun in a stress-free environment, whatever that means for each individual dog. By partnering with a vet, a dog daycare and boarding franchise like K9 Resorts would have another layer of security when it comes to best-in-care service. Not only are the professionals at every K9 Resorts location well trained in dog handling and care, they’d then have expert veterinary advice within easy reach if the case ever arose. Pet parents crave peace of mind when it comes to leaving their four-legged family in the care of others. A veterinarian-owned facility provides just that!

Where Are the Vet and Pet Boarding Industries Heading?

While veterinary care isn’t going anywhere, it is a changing landscape. Vets can no longer bank on pet medicine orders for recurring revenue as competition has opened up other options for consumers. They need to start thinking of ways to make their businesses both effective and profitable. Afterall, vets need to make a living, too! On the other hand, the pet care and boarding industries see no sign of slowing. Even during economic downturns, people still opt to spend disposable income on their pets – both in goods and services. Partnering with a trusted dog daycare and boarding franchise is a smart business move for any veterinarian. They’re able to provide a much-requested service in an industry they already know without having to take on the burden of running an additional business. The end result is more revenue and happy dogs!

Like Jessica said, “Realizing the immediate financial benefits is obvious but seeing the health and happiness of the pet and pet owner is priceless.”

If you’re interested in opening your own dog daycare and boarding franchise, contact us to learn more! K9 Resorts is a luxury dog care franchise with several locations across the East Coast looking to expand into more markets nationwide, so please reach out!

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2020 on timeline

Where the Dog Daycare Business Can Go in the 2020s

And How K9 Resorts is Moving Forward

As we get another decade underway, it’s a great time to look back at where we’ve been and where we’re going to go in the future. The pet industry as a whole has seen substantial growth over the past decade as people spend more and more on their pets’ happiness and well being. Our furry friends are truly members of the family, so it makes sense that owners are happy to invest in their care. Just from 2010 until now, pet industry growth has increased by nearly $30 billion with no signs of stopping at all. Moving into a new decade means we have even more ways to keep our pets well-fed, entertained, cared for, and thriving through a variety of advancements in technology and pet care. There have never been more pet business opportunities for people who want to marry their love of animals with a stable career. Over the past 10 years, K9 Resorts has focused on continuing to expand its franchise footprint with the support of savvy animal-loving entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at what the last 10 years brought us as a franchise and what we anticipate the next 10 will deliver.

The Last Decade

The K9 Resorts franchise has come a long way from where it started in 2005 when two brothers wanted a way to make money for playing with dogs all day. Jason and Steven Parker have since turned their dream into a reality for themselves and many other pet-loving business owners. They recognized the numerous pet business opportunities in a growing market and, really, just wanted to figure out how to spend their days with dogs. As a result, and combined with their love for animals, they created a luxury dog boarding and daycare franchise that is unmatched. K9 Resorts now has 11 locations across the Northeast and the Carolina’s with more in development. The past 10 years have allowed K9 Resorts to bring their unparalleled level of care to more pets and pet owners due to the never-ending pet industry growth.

K9 Resorts in unlike any other pet care franchise. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself:

K9 Resorts vs. The Competition

What the Industry Looks Like Today

The shift from viewing pets as accessories to the family to true members of the family has fueled demands for more tailored pet care experiences, which is exactly what K9 Resorts provides. Pet parents don’t want a one-size-fits-all solution for their pets; they want Fido and Fluffy to be treated as individuals because each pet has their own personality. The recognition of what pets need to thrive and the dedication of their owners to give it to them has offered a unique opportunity for those in the pet care industry. People are willing to pay for quality when it comes to pet care from daycare and boarding to grooming and nutrition. Today, there are still a variety of pet business opportunities as a result of this shift in view.

K9 Resorts has opened many of its current franchise locations just over the past few years. Pet industry growth is soaring and quality pet care businesses are seeing the benefit. Places that understand what pets need and what pet owners want for their pets are getting the lion’s share of success in today’s industry. As an example, K9 Resorts offers a tailored experience based on your pet’s specific needs and temperament. Boarding can be stressful for pets. You’re their people and when you’re not around, the stress begins to set in. However, at K9 Resorts, we make sure that your pet is as stress-free as possible through the use of specified care based on their needs. Whether they love being social with other dogs, or they prefer a quieter experience with a TV on in the background, we can accommodate them. Our processes and understanding of what dogs need set us apart from the competition.

Looking at the Next 10 Years

The pet care industry shows no signs of slowing down. As technology advances, so will the new offerings for our pets. Today we have automatic treat dispensers with cameras to keep an eye on our four-legged friends while we’re away, but in the next 10 years will other types of automated devices come to market to make our pets lives and our lives a little easier? How will breakthroughs in veterinary care prolong the lives of our furry family members? Any successful business must keep up with evolving technology and figure out what will benefit its customers and what seems to be a passing phase. At K9 Resorts, refining our award-winning processes and keeping up with useful state-of-the-art technology will set us up to continue to succeed over the next 10 years. No matter what new technologies are developed in the next decade, one thing we know is how to treat dogs and their owners. Continuing to provide unmatched customer service and a premium environment for pets allows us to weather whatever the next few years throws our way.

Thankfully, the pet industry is relatively recession-proof because people understand that their pets still need quality care. If you’re researching pet business opportunities and have an undying love for animals, K9 Resorts might be the choice for you. Our luxury dog boarding and daycare business is lucrative, award-winning, and ultimately rewarding. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise and how to get involved with the best pet care provider in the country!

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Hand using smart phone with social media concept

The Importance of Social Media for Your Business

Staying Connected to Your Customers

As a business owner, one of the things at the top of your mind is how to promote your business and stay connected with current customers at the same time. Thankfully, social media for business does both! Most businesses in today’s market have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all of the above. Maintaining an active and engaging social media presence can be more important for certain types of businesses – especially those that deal in pet care like a dog daycare and boarding facility. Pet parents want to know what’s going on with those they trust their beloved four-legged friends with when they’re away and they love seeing updates that include their pets! Who doesn’t love an adorable dog picture? Luckily, a dog daycare and boarding facility has lots of great opportunities for popular content when it comes to keeping an active social media presence. But beyond cute puppy pictures, here are some reasons why you should use social media for your business.


Did you know that 71% of consumers say they’d recommend a brand to a friend if they’ve had a positive interaction with it on social media? That’s monumental! Having a presence on social media for your business, and maintaining it, is key in building your customer base. Word of mouth is still one of the most lucrative ways businesses find new customers and social media is where that type of referral lives in today’s market. Simply posting content isn’t enough, however. To have a successful social media presence, you need to interact with your customers. Pet care has sort of a built-in engagement opportunity through interacting with current customers, as noted below, but it also provides vast opportunity to bring in new customers as well. Positive interaction with current customers can lead to word-of-mouth referrals. If your current customers are interacting with your brand on social media, their friends may see it and be interested in your business! On the other hand, not every interaction on social media will be positive. Frequently, people use social media to air grievances about a particular business, that’s why it’s so important to keep current with your brand on all platforms. Quickly addressing a complaint or bad review about your business in a professional manner goes a long way in building and/or maintaining your reputation and can even turn out to be positive if it’s handled appropriately.


As noted, pet parents LOVE seeing their babies on social media whether it’s their own personal pages or that of a facility that cares for them. Pets are true members of the family for most people and that means they want to see updates when they’re away from them. Social media provides an ideal platform to keep parents informed and draw in potential customers. The best part is, snapping a few cute pics every day and posting them is easy! Today’s phones have stellar cameras which means it doesn’t take a professional photographer to capture the fun that all the pups are having at daycare and boarding.

Social media is another great way to keep pet parents or potential customers informed of upcoming events, hour changes, offerings, or simply new information. People may not see postings at your physical location or glaze over emails you send out. But if you make your social media page a place people want to come through engaging updates, they’re more likely to receive the information that you’re putting out there and share them with their own social networks. That helps you find potential customers where they already spend time at no extra charge or time commitment. Having frequent updates of engaging content promotes your business and your brand.

Brand Awareness

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to use social media for business is for brand awareness. According to market research, the average person spends 11 hours a day on some sort of social media platform. Reaching people where they already are is the easiest route when it comes to promoting your brand. Social media provides you the benefit of connecting to a broader audience, where they spend their time. Instead of casting a large net and hoping to snag those that may be interested in your services, you also have a platform that allows you to target specific groups by several different qualifications. Not only can potential customers connect to your brand through current customers sharing your posts, you have the opportunity to use social media advertising to reach more people that may not be familiar with your brand. Social media gives you a way to build a far-reaching yet affordable strategy to gain new customers and keep your current customers happy at the same time!

So, why use social media for business? Simple – it helps you connect to your current customers and reach potential customers for a relatively low investment of time and resources. It’s one of the easiest marketing channels to explore with a social-friendly business like dog daycare and boarding. As a bonus, if you partner with a trusted franchise like K9 Resorts, you’ll get baked in marketing support as well as an existing social network. It’s a win-win!

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Woman shaking hand of interviewer who is holding resume

Tips on How to Hire the Right Employees

Why Pet Care is Different

Employees can make or break your business regardless of the industry. But the right employees in a pet care business can set you apart from the competition. Hiring new employees, whether you’re just starting out or adding to your staff, can be stressful. You really never know if you’ll get a good fit until you’ve brought the person on board and worked with them for a few weeks. There’s only so much a resume can tell you, which is why looking at other things can be so helpful in finding the right fit. Here are some hiring tips for finding the perfect match for your pet care business.

Qualifications and Experience

Obviously, the first place you want to start when hiring new employees is with a resume. Reviewing qualifications and determining that they may be a good fit, on the surface, is the first step in a successful hiring process. For a pet care employee, you want to see that they’ve had experience and/or training in animal behavior as well as customer service. When it comes to dog daycare and boarding, they need to be able to interact well with the pets as well as the pet parents. Firstly, any potential employee should have basic knowledge of dog behavior and socialization. Understanding how dogs interact with each other and humans is key in keeping pets safe and happy while under your business’s care. Additionally, understanding how pet parents feel about their four-legged friends is critical. Pets are part of the family and showing pet parents that your employees will give the same care and attention to their animals that they do is key.

Some specific things to look for when reviewing a candidate’s qualifications and experience are:

  • What positions have they held and where? Do they have a long list of customer service jobs that were quick turnover, or have they held a position or two for a long period?
  • What pet experience have they listed? Have they been dog walkers or sitters frequently? Have they worked at a different pet care business?
  • What’s the range of their work history? Do they jump around from industry to industry or are they focused in one or two similar areas?

Since the pet care industry has blossomed within the past decade, your candidates may or may not have pet-specific experience but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good fit for your team. It may take a little more discovery that simply perusing a resume to find the right people for your business.


When hiring new employees, one of the most challenging yet most important parts of evaluating candidates is understanding and reading temperament. When it comes to pet care, an understanding and caring nature is crucial for any employee you’re going to bring on board. Naturally, any potential employee must love animals and want what’s best for them. But beyond a true love for animals, you need to find employees that are dedicated, hardworking, and interested in growing with your business. Several facets of one’s personality can contribute to these common traits, including:

  • Being inquisitive. You want to find an employee who’s interested in continuous learning and plays an active role in their own success. Staying abreast of trends in the pet care industry and research on canine communication can set your employees apart from the rest. During your interview, do they ask questions about the business or industry? Do they seem invested in learning?
  • Being organized. A well-run business works like a finely tuned machine. At a franchise like K9 Resorts, processes and protocol are proven successful and organization is key in ensuring they’re carried out well. Organized employees help make businesses run smoothly and make for happy, healthy pets and parents! To gauge their organization skills, ask them about past projects they’ve had to handle and how they went about it.
  • Being authentic. Authenticity might be one of the most important qualities in any employee. Being authentic means that your employee is honest, true to themselves, and exudes confidence. They put people around them at ease – which is very positive in a customer service setting! You’ll likely be able to tell if a person is authentic just by interviewing them in person. They’ll be confident, calm, and have a welcoming sense about them. These are also all things that dogs can sense!

While there may be many hiring tips out there, determining a candidate’s temperament might be tricky. One way to save some time may be to do a primary phone interview before meeting in person so that you can start to gauge their personality and temperament without wasting time.

Long-Term Vision

To find great employees that will stick around, figure out what their long-term vision is for their career. Sometimes, especially in the pet care industry, people may just be dipping their toes into a new career path but not be entirely sure if it’s a good fit for them. While this can sometimes work out, sometimes it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t hire someone without previous pet care experience if the rest of their experience and attitude seem right. Figuring out a potential employee’s long-term vision is crucial when you’re hiring new employees. Is this candidate looking to help you grow your business as well as their own career? Most hiring tips include asking candidates where they see themselves in five years and this is how managers determine their long-term vision.

While this question is a great start, doing a little bit more investigation can be helpful. Carefully review the candidate’s past work history and look for any discrepancies or bouncing around. Have they held steady positions that have increased in responsibility? Or does it look like they get bored easily and move on to new and exciting opportunities? Also, do a little digging online and read employee reviews. Places like Glassdoor allow former and current employees to leave reviews of their employer. By cross-referencing their resume, you can discover if they’ve left any reviews and what they’ve said about past employers. This information can shed some light on their overall career vision.

Hiring new employees can be tough but doing a little bit of extra research and investigation can pay off big time when it comes to finding the right fit. Our franchise process can help you connect with other franchisees to determine what’s worked for them when staffing and provide a few hiring tips for a successful search.

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Chart rising with dog drawing on graph

Will the Pet Industry Ever Fade?

Signs Point to No

The pet industry has seen substantial growth over the past decade. From dog daycare to boutique grooming to personalized swag, pet industry growth has been fueled by pet parents trying to give their fur babies the best possible life. Pet business opportunities abound as people are more willing to spend extra bucks on their pets because they see them as a true part of the family. Since the way pets are viewed in the family has changed over the past several decades, the industry has seen an increase in both interest and patronage. Spending hundreds of dollars on a pet each month isn’t unheard of between days of daycare, grooming appointments, and outfitting your furry friend in the latest trends. But will this trend continue? Let’s take a look at current growth and projections for the future to determine if the pet industry will ever fade.

Industry Growth

Years ago, fewer people owned pets and they were seen very differently within the family dynamic. Today, pets are treated as children, and for some, are the only babies in the household. That means that the industry has benefited from people’s desire to keep their pets healthy and happy. Nearly 80 million homes own a pet today, which means that they’re pouring money into a booming industry that sees no sign of slowing down. In 1998, the industry was worth about $23 billion, compared to today’s market worth more than $75 billion. From independent dog walkers to franchise dog daycare and boarding locations like K9 Resorts, to specialty pet stores and big box retailers – everyone is getting a piece of this ever-expanding industry.

The pet industry has been growing year after year. Learn why now is the time to invest!

Pet Industry Numbers: Why Invest?

Future Outlook

As with many other industries, the pet industry is falling into the personalization of care, which means opportunity for additional growth. The future outlook of pet industry growth is positive considering how willing people are to provide the best possible life for their pets and the additional avenues that are presenting themselves which wise businesses are capitalizing on. High-income households own about 60% of the pets in the country, which means there’s even more revenue for the industry from people willing to drop serious money on their beloved four-legged friends for things ranging from specialized food to luxury daycare.


Since pets are members of the family, people are spending more on their health. Not only do pet parents make sure to keep up regular veterinary care, they are also willing to spend more money on treatment for injuries and disease. As an example, 30 years ago if a dog was diagnosed with cancer, the pet owner was more likely to let nature take its course. Today, there are a range of treatment options that pet parents can choose from – most with a large price tag – to give their pets more life. Additionally, they’re seeking out preventative care that can improve overall health through supplements and specialized diets.


Pet parents want to provide high-quality food to nourish their pets and keep them healthy. Big names and boutique food makers have both jumped on board in providing more niche foods that cater to different diets and even breeds. Traditional pet foods are no longer the first pick among a majority of pet owners. People are looking for quality ingredients in both dry and wet food formulas and are even interested in fresh foods for their pets. Since pets are members of the family, they’re essentially being given a seat at the dinner table in the form of higher quality food which, of course, comes with a premium price tag.


People are working outside the home for longer hours than ever and that means that pets are home alone more often than not. Since most pets, especially dogs, are social creatures, people are spending money to make sure that they don’t spend the whole day pining away for their owners to return. Depending on the pet, they may do well in a more personalized environment, like with a walker or sitter, or in a social setting like dog daycare. Any care option will come at a cost to the pet owner, thereby continuing the fuel the growth of the pet care industry.

Why Franchise?

For those looking to get into the industry, there are lots of pet business opportunities including franchising. Opening a pet care franchise can provide a solid footing and continued support throughout any business owner’s journey. When you partner with a quality franchise, you circumvent some of the trials and tribulations of standard business ownership. Franchising gives you guidance for operations, marketing, financing, and more.

One of the most popular arms of the pet care industry is dog daycare and boarding. For those who truly love dogs, this is a dream business to own. Thankfully, high-quality franchises like K9 Resorts exist to guide you along your journey through business ownership. K9 Resorts provides help to get your business off the ground and the framework for a successful operation. From proven, elite systems to award-winning methods and brand recognition, you’ll be on your way to doing something you love and making a living at it.

As pet industry growth isn’t expected to slow down, now is the perfect time to invest. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry is recession proof. If you’re a pet lover, and are looking to own your own business, K9 Resorts could be an ideal fit when it comes to pet business opportunities.

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Engineers handshake at meeting. Congratulations and agreed to do the project together

What Makes for a Great K9 Resorts Franchise Location?

Not All Spaces Will Make the Cut

Finding the perfect location for your K9 Resorts franchise is the start of your success. The proper location means that you’ll need to geographically and structurally match K9 Resorts’ standard protocol and be able to deliver their unmatched service. In order to do that, you have to start with the right space! Luckily, as a K9 Resorts franchisee, you’ll have guidance through the various stages of your site selection process. With the backing of a national commercial real estate brokerage firm, you’ll seek out the perfect place to open your own business! Once you sign a franchise agreement and agree to the search of a specific area, your account rep will contact real estate agents in your area, and one will be selected. The initial location kickoff call will involve you, your national account rep, and that local agent so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to unearthing the ideal location for your franchise.

But what makes for a truly great K9 Resorts location?

The Area

The area in which you choose to open your K9 Resorts location is important. You want to look for a spot that has decent visibility and isn’t hard to reach but still has enough space so that you can create the appropriate facility for your business’s needs. Your qualified real estate team will be looking at geographic spaces and taking into consideration the following:

  • Size
  • Layout
  • Feasibility
  • Egress into outdoor areas

You have to make sure the space you select, whether it has an existing building or not, will work with the requirements of a K9 Resorts location. Along the way, your real estate team will be clarifying details, asking questions, and vetting the site for its true potential. Before you sign an agreement, a franchise rep will visit the proposed location in person to double confirm that it’s the right fit. If you don’t have the right area, you can’t go on to create the right facility to house your business.

You want to have a space that is B or C Retail or Flex commercial, Warehouse industrial – which could be free standing or in a strip center if already existing. Your location should have positive traffic patterns with easy entrances and exists and not be located in an alley or side street or hidden from foot traffic. You’ll also want to make sure there is ample parking available with a minimum of at least 15 spots and any residential structures are at least 200 feet away from the property line. The location should also include a minimum of 1,500 square feet of outdoor play area with multiple direct access points. The front entrance needs to be at least 30 feet from the street and if your location is within close proximity to public transportation, that’s a plus!

The Facility

So, what should the facility itself include? The location in which you decide to open and/or build your K9 Resorts franchise is crucial but making sure your actual facility fits your needs is as well. The franchise requires a facility that is at least 4,000-7,000 square feet of interior building footprint, and as mentioned, has at least 1,500 square feet of outdoor play space available. K9 Resorts is known for their top-tier quality of care and in order to provide that, your facility must be able to accommodate certain things like:

  • Our cutting-edge flooring systems with Microban
  • A state-of-the-art PetAirapy UV air purification system that includes a specially designed ventilation system
  • An “pet-safe” outdoor courtyard featuring revolutionary artificial turf, K9 Grass with “Alphasan” antimicrobial agents which create a safer and cleaner environment for all of the dogs
  • Space for the highest level of sanitizing procedures possible which utilize the best hospital-grade disinfectants
  • HDTV televisions with cable tuned to Animal Planet in every suite

K9 Resorts’ carefully designed boarding layout creates a situation where the entire facility is split into separate zones to reduce the number of guests occupying one area. While this is a more expensive way to design a pet care facility, it significantly reduces pets’ stress levels while they are boarding.

In conjunction with the facility, K9 Resorts sets itself apart from competition through industry-leading training and updated technology systems. Our focus on customer service and quality pet care is shown through the care each franchise takes in selecting the ideal location and facility for their business. Everything comes together in one space in order to serve pet parents and pets quality, stress-free care. Finding the perfect spot for your K9 Resorts location is the key to not only a successful dog daycare business, but a true K9 Resorts experience.

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Tiny globe between dogs paws

A Deep Dive into the World of Pet Care Franchises

Why Some Stand Out Above the Rest

The world of pet franchises is wide and plentiful. In general, the pet care industry has exploded over the past decade. People are spending more and more on their beloved furry family members. Everything from spa treatments to designer food blends can find a spot in the pet care market. The pet care industry is worth billions and on track to continue to grow. Pet owners treat their furry friends like true members of the family and spare no expense in keeping them happy, healthy, and well taken care of. Even during an economic downturn, there are certain pet care services that don’t see a large decrease in patronization. One of those services is dog daycare and boarding.

Why Dog Daycare and Boarding?

One industry that people tend to really sink their budgets into is dog daycare and boarding. Dogs are social animals and our long workdays don’t bode well for our four-legged friends. They’re either stuck inside all day alone or cooped up in their crates waiting for mom and dad to roll through the door. Pet parents are realizing that spending money on allowing their dogs to socialize while they’re away is a good investment. Not only does it make for a happier animal, it makes for a tired one, too! So, when everyone comes home together at night, they can all cuddle up instead of having Fido bouncing off the walls. If you have a particularly active breed, a couple of walks a day just won’t cut it. Finding a trusted and qualified dog daycare and boarding facility where your dog is well taken care of can be a game changer. Once a pet parent is in the system and sees the results from a happy daycare or boarding experience, they will typically become a frequent customer. That’s why many looking to start a pet business are diving into the world of doggy daycare.

What makes the pet care industry so enticing? Click below:

Pet Industry Numbers: Why Invest?

Why K9 Resorts?

Not all dog daycares are created equal. Pet owners want to be sure that their furry family members are being well taken care of when they’re away. They seek out facilities that understand the way canines need to express energy and what kind of environment truly allows them to thrive. K9 Resorts is a perfect example of an ideal dog daycare and boarding facility. Their qualified and trained staff is dedicated to keeping pups happy and healthy during their stay – no matter how short or long. K9 Resorts is first-in-class among pet franchises because they have a proven system that ensures our four-legged friends are happy and stress free. Many independent dog daycare and boarding businesses, while well intentioned, often miss the mark on quality care. Either they are understaffed and overbooked, or the staff they have just isn’t trained properly. Additionally, their facilities aren’t specifically built to be dog daycare and boarding locations, so instead they cobble together what works for the space instead of creating a space that works for the dogs.

K9 Resorts focuses on exemplary facilities that are built with your pooch and the pet parent in mind. Their proprietary technology and industry-leading training make each location a first-class facility for furry family members. Each location offers clean, stress-free care for dogs that allows them to thrive instead of just survive when away from their families. In addition, K9 Resorts staff members receive industry-leading training that ensures they’re up for the challenge of caring for dogs and their parents on a daily basis. Employees learn, through franchise training, to go the extra mile when it comes to pet care and customer service because it matters. K9 Resorts’ training isn’t quite like any others. Job functions are grouped by related functions and the training for these functions are done together. The successful completion of a training module gets you a certification. Certifications are organized by levels and all employees must be certified for the function they’re performing. Each employee has a clear path and understanding of the job that they’re responsible for which makes it easy for the team to work together as a whole to provide the best possible service.

As a K9 Resorts franchisee, you’ll also get built-in marketing help and straightforward financing. You become a member of a family and your success means the overall franchise’s success because referrals are a strong part of a successful dog daycare business.

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K-9 Resorts is More Than Just Doggie Day Care

The Financials

If you’re looking to start a pet business, it’s probably not just because of your love of animals. You want to be able to make a living doing what you love, but at the end of the day, you still need to be able to bring in revenue and sustain your business and lifestyle. The financials of pet franchises, specifically dog daycare and boarding through K9 Resorts, are in your favor. The industry itself is booming, and as we mentioned, dog daycare is at the top of the list for what pet owners are willing to pay top-dollar for. When you work with a trusted franchise, your investment is somewhat protected. K9 Resorts offers unmatched support to franchisees that you just can’t get when you open an independent business. You’re set up to succeed from the beginning.

The cost to open a K9 Resorts franchise varies and is greatly dependent on the real estate you need to secure. Our facilities range in size from 4,000 to 7,000 square feet and as such, the cost to open, including a franchise fee of $49,500 and real estate, is typically at least $900,000 but can be more than $1.5 million depending on your geographic market. While K9 Resorts doesn’t offer financing, they do put you in contact with preferred lenders who have worked with other franchisees and have made the process as smooth as possible.

Opening a business is never cheap, but working with one of the most trusted, top-quality pet franchises in the industry can set you up for success. If you’re interested in starting a pet business, contact us today to find out more about what you can do to begin the journey toward dog daycare and boarding ownership!

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Which Pet Industry Franchise Is the Right One for You?

Not All Are Created Equal

If you love pets and you’ve always wanted to own your own business, then the next logical step would be opening a business in the pet care industry! Pet care is on trend to become a $75 billion industry by the end of this year, so it’s no wonder why so many are getting involved in it. From boutique pet stores to doggie daycares, there’s a variety of opportunity to blend your love of animals with your entrepreneurial spirit. You also have options when it comes to what type of business you’ll own – will you operate an independent location or take advantage of a pet franchise business? Both are excellent options and each segment of the industry offers each. The first step in starting your journey to pet care business ownership is determining which segment of the industry you want to pursue.

Pet Stores

One option for a pet franchise business is to open a pet store. We’ve all seen them, and a lot of us patronize them on a weekly basis. They typically sell a wide range of pet supplies like food, treats, toys, and more. Some even incorporate dog training and grooming into their business model, for which you need more specialized employees. Owning a pet retail location can be lucrative but doesn’t necessarily give you hands-on experience with pets on a daily basis. Many people who deeply love animals want to be in more contact with them if they’re going into business in the pet care industry. While most pet stores welcome you to bring Fido along for the shopping trip, pet parents don’t always take advantage of this luxury, which means you see less pets and more product.

Additionally, the initial investment and franchise fees associated with pet stores are much higher than other pet industry franchises. Places like Pet Supplies Plus estimate a need of up to a million dollars in start-up costs needed to open the doors. You have to have a proper location then fill it with stock before you can do anything. While owning a pet store may be lucrative, it takes a lot to get going and doesn’t pay off in wet kisses and tail wags.

Pet Waste Removal

Believe it or not, pet waste removal is a thriving pet industry franchise. One of the real benefits of this type of franchise is that start-up costs are low. The most well-known franchise in the pet waste removal arena estimates initial investment at under $60,000. You also don’t need much specialized training or experience to get into the pet waste removal industry. However, pet lovers might generally say that this particular part of the pet care industry stinks! When working in pet waste removal, it’s unlikely that you’ll interact with dogs much at all. If they happen to be outside when you’re on-site for a job, you may get a few pets in, but the bulk of your time is spent focused on what they’ve left behind.

Additionally, pet waste removal may not be a stable part of the industry. This service is considered a luxury by many and when the economy takes a shift, it’s likely that this service will be one of the firsts to be cut. People tend to continue to patronize other pet franchise businesses even during a rough patch in the economy – pets still need to eat and be entertained – but pet parents can handle their furry family’s own waste.

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Doggie Daycare and Boarding

One of the hottest parts of the pet care industry is doggie daycare and boarding. Over the years, people have finally realized that dogs are social creatures and don’t thrive when they’re left alone all day while you’re at work. Doggie daycare provides a safe, stimulating space where dogs can learn and play with others and get that social interaction they so desperately seek. The dog care franchise has provided an excellent model for how pet lovers/entrepreneurs can open a location that offers a much-needed and much-valued service. While there are independent dog daycares, investing in a franchise with this particular type of pet care business tends to be more beneficial to all involved.

Just because you love dogs doesn’t mean you’re fit to run a doggie daycare. These businesses require specified training in both canine behavior and business management. Getting a room full of dogs to safely coexist requires some know-how! That’s why partnering with a dog care franchise like K9 Resorts is a smart move. A franchise already has a proven model of success, which means you inherit all that knowledge instead of going through your own trial and error. They’ve already formulated a franchise plan for comprehensive pet care, customer service, and business management that puts you ahead of the game by the time you open your doors.

Additionally, people know the brand and know what to expect when they use your services. Our pets are our family members and we don’t relinquish their care to just anyone. Kind of like choosing a daycare for our children, finding the perfect doggie daycare and boarding fit can be nerve wracking. That’s why people stick with brands they know and trust.

Perhaps one of the best parts of owning a dog care franchise is that you get to interact with dogs! Of all the pet franchise businesses available, this one may be one of the most interactive and fun for pet lovers – especially if you elect to be a hands-on business owner. A typical day in the doggie daycare world involves monitoring and playing with dogs for most of the day. You’ll be able to build lasting relationships with both the pets and the parents as part of your business ownership journey!

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What Goes Into Starting a Dog Daycare Business?

You’ll Need More Than a Love of Animals

The first step in starting a dog daycare is an undying love of the pets that you’re setting out to care for. However, a lot more goes into creating a successful business than a passion for what you’re doing. Opening a dog daycare can be a rewarding and lucrative business venture, but you need to be realistic about what you’ll need to get your business off the ground. There are options on the market – from starting your own independent operation to working with a trusted franchise like K9 Resorts – but no matter what route you take, there are some basic things to think about and plan for. Just like any business, opening a dog daycare takes careful thought and preparation, well before you sign on the dotted line. Here are some things to think through if you’re looking into starting a dog daycare of your own.


While you might think all that dogs need is love and fresh air, that doesn’t exactly ring true when it comes to a pet care business. Determining what exactly you’ll need in opening a dog daycare is crucial to the business planning phase of your venture. Beyond four walls and an outdoor space (ideally) for your four-legged friends to run and play, you need a lot more equipment than you might think when starting a dog daycare. Things that are basic requirements to an elite business system are:

  • Cleaning supplies – This includes standard stuff like mops and brooms to disinfectants and surface cleaners. Keeping your business clean is critical when taking care of animals. Dogs can carry and spread diseases rapidly and daily disinfection is a must.
  • Dog stuff– Leashes, bedding, muzzles, crates, harnesses, first-aid kits, dishes, shampoo and grooming supplies. You’ll need all of this to take excellent care of these lovable creatures. Don’t forget poop bags and quality trash cans!
  • Front of house – You’ll need a POS system, software, computers, paper, printer, phone system, fax, organization, business cards, marketing materials, and even creature comforts like a coffee maker to keep your employees happy and energized.
  • Storage – You must have great storage options to keep your dogs’ belongings organized properly when they’re staying overnight. No one wants to come back to get Fido and end up with someone else’s leash!
  • Air treatment – The last thing you want people to remember about your business is that it smells. Invest in a dehumidifier and air purifying system to clean the air and keep it smelling as fresh as possible. Be sure the location you choose can accommodate such a system.

Figure out your budget for all needed supplies and be realistic. Having the right equipment is key when caring for people’s furry family members.

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Starting a dog daycare, whether on your own or through a franchise, requires an initial investment to get your business off the ground. The first step in determining your necessary investment is figuring out what equipment you need. Then you’ll need to determine an ideal location for your business. The location in which you’ll be opening a dog daycare must be an adequate square footage to offer enough space for your furry clients to run and play. It should include, if possible, an outdoor space as well as a large indoor area. The largest part of your investment will be in real estate due to the unique requirements of running a dog daycare and boarding facility. The investment varies based on your specific market and other factors, but according to K9 Resort’s most recent FDD, anticipate an overall cost of at least $900K, which includes equipment and real estate. If you’re interested in opening a dog daycare franchise, you’ll also need to pay an initial franchise fee which should be factored into your investment.


You’re probably comfortable with the fact that owning your own business means you’ll be spending a lot of time there. It only makes sense to get into a field that you love! You’re likely opening a dog daycare because you love animals and want to make money spending lots of time with them. That’s perfect! But it’s important to understand that you’ll also spend a lot of your time dealing with the business side of things instead of petting pups. Starting a dog daycare initially requires a lot of time investment. From finding the perfect location to acquiring and training qualified staff, there’s a lot that goes into it.

When you partner with a trusted franchise like K9 Resorts, you have some of the work of opening a dog daycare already handled. While you’ll still be expected to put in a lot of time on the front end, the experts at K9 Resorts can help you find a location, train staff, market your business, and give you a roadmap for daily operation. Once your business is up and running, and your staff is fully trained and experienced, you’ll be able to spend a little less of your time focused on it. However, owning a dog daycare means that you’re still an active participant in its success. Even with a franchise, you won’t be able to be an absentee owner and it’s likely you wouldn’t even want to be with all those adorable, lovable pups running around!

Starting a dog daycare can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative. But knowing what you’re getting into before you make your decision is key. You’ll need a love of animals, a sense for business, a little bit of capital, and a whole lot of time (in the beginning), but it’s all worth it!

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Ways to Prepare to Be a Franchise Owner

And What You Need to Do to Run a Dog Daycare

If you’re looking into how to start a dog daycare and boarding business, you might be wondering if you should build one from the ground up or open a trustworthy franchise. Either requires a certain level of training and preparation. Jumping into opening your own business without the proper background and knowledge can spell disaster. The last thing you want to do when getting into business on your own is fail. So, preparing yourself before you open the doors is crucial to your success. While everyone might have the ability to own their own business, those that succeed have taken the necessary steps to acquire training, real-life experience, and specific knowledge in the industry they’re choosing to delve into. Starting a dog daycare and boarding business can be an infinitely rewarding experience, but here are some things you should have before you jump in.

Work Experience

Figuring out how to start a dog daycare and boarding business isn’t something that everyone was born knowing how to do. One of the most useful things that you can have in your background as a first-time business owner is work experience. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need previous experience in the pet care industry, though it certainly helps. But having a general portfolio of work experience can assist you in dealing with the daily operation of your own dog daycare.

Customer Service

One of the first things you must know about how to start a dog daycare and boarding business is that you’ll be dealing with pet parents. While you may be interested in getting into the industry to play with dogs all day, a background in customer service is required if you want to be a successful business owner. Pet parents are putting their faith in you the moment they bring their canine family member through the door. You have to know how to build relationships with them in addition to caring for their animals on a daily basis. If they trust you, they’ll be loyal customers for life.


So, you’ll probably end up hiring an accountant to work with your business but having general knowledge of business accounting practices is helpful when you’re opening your own location. Something as simple as being able to complete a transaction on your POS system is key when you’re the owner and operator of a dog daycare and boarding business. Having some work experience should assist with this skill.

Conflict Resolution

Understanding how to manage people is a crucial skill you’ll need when running your own business. Conflicts arise and being able to appropriately handle them and deal with the repercussions is key. At the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing at a dog daycare business – for the pets to have a great time in a safe and comfortable environment. But sometimes opinions can differ among staff leading to issues that you, as the business owner, will have to deal with. Your previous work experience may have helped you understand how to manage people or even provided on-the-job experience in it. Either way, it’s a necessary skill to have when running any business.

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While there are really no required certifications or training for one to open a dog daycare and boarding business, being proactive in receiving training can set your business apart. Aside from the training you’ll get as a franchise owner of K9 Resorts, there are a variety of courses that you can take to continue your education in pet care. The Professional Animal Care Certification Counsel provides a variety of classes that you can take to further your animal care education. They offer three specific tracks: Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP), Certified Professional Animal Care Manager (CPACM), Certified Professional Animal Care Operator (CPACO) that you can pursue or give your staff the opportunity to pursue. Having these certifications on record means that your location is a cut above others that have not taken the time to go through additional training.

In addition to training that you seek out on your own, you’ll have ongoing training and support through K9 Resorts as a franchise owner. K9 Resorts has a focus on ensuring that their franchisees remain at the head of the industry and providing unmatched customer service and care to our four-legged friends.


Figuring out how to start a dog daycare and boarding business might be a challenge, but partnering with a trusted and experienced partner in the industry gives you the advantage. K9 Resorts is a different kind of pet care franchise. Their focus is on continuing education and franchisee support is unmatched. They know that in order to retain clients, you need a staff that’s engaged on every level. Therefore, K9 Resorts employees must be certified for the function they perform and receive training in order to do so. On par with Disney and Ritz-Carlton, our customer service standards set K9 Resorts apart from the competition.

In addition, K9 Resorts policies and procedures ensure that every pet parent and companion get best-in-class service at every interaction. K9 Resorts offers proprietary technology to keep your systems streamlined and working together so your focus can be on the dogs and their owners. Finding a true partner in business is rare, but when you work with K9 Resorts, that’s exactly what you gain.

Learning how to start a dog daycare and boarding business begins with understanding the amount of training and experience you need. From there, you’ll find the right partner and can plot out your path to successful business ownership!

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