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Is Pet Daycare & Lodging Expected to Rise?

With inflation skyrocketing, you understandably want to find ways to cut costs where you can. If you are like many other pet parents, however, taking care of your pets is one thing that you are not willing to skimp on. Your pets are used to their favorite food, or perhaps they have a special diet that they need to follow. They may be accustomed to specific treats and toys, and you understandably do not want to forsake a well-pet visit at the vet’s office simply to save a few bucks. When the time comes to plan your next outing, however, you may be wondering if you will pay a small fortune to get your pets quality care when you need to be away from the house. K9 Resorts specializes in providing quality boarding and daycare services for dogs and we take pride in maintaining competitive rates for our services.


The Impact of Inflation on Pet Daycare and Lodging

The unfortunate reality is that pet care and services have risen along with other essentials, such as food, gas, housing, and more. In fact, pet food, toys, vet care, daycare, and lodging are all categorized together in one recent survey. This survey found that these pet expenses have risen by more than 7% over the last year. Of course, some items, such as pet daycare and lodging, may have increased more than that. These expenses may continue to rise in the near future. While you may need to keep costs to a minimum, you do not want to make concessions for something as critical as the care of your pets.

The pet industry is as strong as ever, and shows no signs of slowing down. Learn more about the business opportunities it presents!

Will the Pet Industry Ever Fade?


Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Pet Daycare and Lodging

K9 Resorts takes pride in providing the highest level of care possible for our pet guests. At the same time, we know how important it is for our customers to keep dog daycare and boarding costs as affordable as possible. There are some strategies available that you can take to reduce your daycare and lodging expenses. For example, we offer three levels of accommodations for pets. To reduce dog boarding costs, consider opting for one of our more affordable options to save money throughout your pet’s stay with us. In some cases, we are able to room pets from the same family together, and this can result in additional savings. For doggie daycare, consider the different pricing packages that we offer. You can choose half-day rather than full-day doggie daycare. Some of our locations also offer discount booklets, which enable you to save money by purchasing multiple daycare visits upfront.


Contact Us Today

K9 Resorts maintains competitive doggie daycare prices and boarding costs. We want to help you and your pet have a great experience. To learn more about our pricing and services, contact K9 Resorts for more information today.


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Pet Care or Childcare: What is the Better Business Move?

Starting a pet care business is a popular choice as we’re seeing more and more younger generations grow older without children. Millennials are choosing to adopt pups in lieu of children, and it’s creating an interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own pet care business.

Whether you’re ready to sign on the dotted line or just considering it for the first time, a pet care business is a great way to make good money while providing an important service to the community.

In this guide, we’re comparing the pros and cons of pet care versus child care.

A Booming Industry

Younger generations aren’t treating their pups like a disposable item or an afterthought like we might have seen in years past. Their dogs are an active part of their life, and they treat them like their children.

These factors are creating great opportunities for those people who want to open a pet care business. When dog owners are constantly nurturing their fur babies, they feel more inclined to send them to a doggy daycare instead of a cheaper and less extravagant kennel.

It’s opening the door for boutique pet care businesses that offer much more than supervision, walks, and food.

Fewer Restrictions

If you look up how to start a daycare, you’ll want to throw your phone in the toilet when you read about the strict regulations and the overall cost of maintaining licenses and keeping up to date on the legal aspect of things.

With a daycare, you need to worry about the child to teach ratios, max capacities, high insurance rates, and much more. We’re not saying these factors don’t apply to pet care businesses as well; they’re just not as prominent of an overhead expense to get started.

As with all businesses, you need to maintain proper state and federal licenses, and there are routine inspections and zoning rules that prevent you from establishing the business too close to certain things such as restaurants and food preparation areas.

The pet care industry offers a huge opportunity to potential business owners. Check out why it’s worth the investment!

Pet Industry Statistics: Why Invest?

Potential Influence

One thing about a child care business is it allows you to really make an impact on society. You never know where a child will end up in life, and you may look ahead in 15 years to find out a preschooler you had is now an astronaut, surgeon, or professional athlete.

These factors make child care a very rewarding business because you get to see the kids come in and out each day with their backpacks, lunches, and bright eyes.

The experience is a little different from the pet care industry because you may never see a majority of the dogs again after they come in once or twice. Many people will only use the doggy daycare once in a while when they’re on vacation or away on business.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to make an impact on the life of a pup; it’s just not as apparent and obvious as it is with a child.

Relationship Development

This point is similar to the previous one, but developing relationships with both children and pets is important in both businesses. It’s one of the greatest similarities between the two. Very few jobs allow you to establish a cohesive bond between yourself, your staff, and your visitors/students.

You must understand how this bond can break, and it can lead to feelings of sadness. After a child leaves the daycare and moves onto the big school, if you have a chance to build a close relationship, that can be tough.

These types of bonds exist in the pet care industry, but they’re not as strong because you’re not likely to see the same pup every day for years on end.

Both the childcare and pet care business are great opportunities, but if we had to recommend one over the other, you know we’d pick pet care. From a business standpoint, the industry is booming, and we only expect that to get better.

From a personal standpoint, you don’t have to worry about developing tight and sometimes heartbreaking relationships. Plus, pets don’t talk back! (usually)

Why the Pet Care Industry is Remaining Strong During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many retailers hard, but not all companies are struggling right now. In fact, some sectors are thriving. If you’re wondering about the status of the pet industry today, you should know that it’s booming, and here’s why.

1. Recessions Don’t Affect Pets

Cats, dogs, snakes, and turtles have no idea what’s going on in the world. They don’t know that there’s an economic downturn. But seriously, the pet industry is resistant to economic strife.

According to Market Watch, about 85 million American families own pets. They also spend money on their pets. In fact, families spend 7 percent more on their pets every year than they did the year before.

Spending on veterinary care has also increased three times faster than the U.S. gross domestic product. Pet industry spending increased by 29 percent and 17 percent, respectively, during the last two recessions.

2. People Have More Time

In May, approximately 33 percent of Americans were working from home. That means that they have more time to care for pets. They might want companionship during their long hours in the house, and a pet is the perfect work buddy.

Even though many people know that they’ll eventually have to go back to the office, they’re biting the bullet and getting a new pet. While they’re home, they’ll have time to provide house and obedience training. Once they return to work, they can put their pets in doggy daycare, if necessary.

3. Pets Make You Feel Better

If you’ve ever spent time with a pet, you know that they’re comforting. When you interact with your furry friends, your stress levels and blood pressure go down. Some studies show that hanging out with a pet can reduce loneliness and put you in a better mood. It can even make you feel socially supported, which is essential during this time of social and physical distancing.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this article from Entrepreneur explaining why a pandemic hasn’t harmed the pet industry:

4 Reasons the Pandemic Is a Boon for the Pet Industry

4. Pets Give You Something to Do

Bored? If you’ve gone through your list of new hobbies to learn, you might be looking for something to do. A pet will keep you busy. Whether you need to walk the dog, create a new cozy living space for your animal, or clean the litter box, you’ll have plenty of tasks to occupy you.

Plus, pets are entertaining. Watch your cats or pups play when you have nothing else to do. Give Fido and Fluffy a snuggle while you’re watching Netflix.

People are worried that they’ll go stir crazy in their homes during the pandemic. The pet industry is seeing the results of that concern as more Americans bring fluffy companions home.

5. Pets Need Stuff

Pets require food, accessories, toys, shelter, and more. The pet industry is here to supply consumers with all of those care items. Veterinary care will always be necessary as long as people have pets. COVID-19 isn’t changing the care that your animal needs.

More people are shopping online for all of their household items, including pet products. The online pet industry is flourishing. So are daycare and grooming services.

In 2019, consumers spent $95 billion on their pets. More than 10 percent of that was on training, grooming, and boarding.

People treat pets like children, and they want them to have the best. Millennials, GenXers, and Baby Boomers love to spoil their pets, splurging on luxury items and boarding facilities where they know that their animal will get plenty of loving attention.

6. Pets (and the Pet Care Industry) Continue to be an Excellent Investment

An impressive track record shows that the pet industry is financially and emotionally rewarding. During these uncertain times, people are struggling with their finances and mental health. If you’re looking for an investment or are interested in working with pets, this is definitely a resilient career path.

As social distancing continues, it’s unlikely that people will stop opening their wallets to take care of their furry friends. And, at K9 Resorts, we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

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5 Budgeting Tips For Your Business

Whether you’re a new business owner or an established owner looking to maintain and improve your business operations, without a doubt, the key is solid, well-planned budgeting. The way you budget affects every other facet of your organization, and this is true across the board. But budgeting can be intimidating, and many people avoid it out of fear.

At K9, we wanted to share our five rules for budgeting for small business. First, let’s briefly discuss why budgeting matters.

Why Budgeting Matters

A good budget is the foundation of a good business. A budget allows companies to more accurately make plans for their fiscal year: set realistic goals, sensible limits, and priorities. A budget enables enterprises to evaluate the health and performance of their company over the year. This, of course, helps in planning for the next year.

A good budget history can also be a saving grace if you’re ever in need of a small business loan. Banks and lenders will want to see evidence of strong budgeting, and if they don’t, that could be enough for them to deny your much-needed finances.

The 5 Rules for Budgeting A Small Business

You don’t need to be afraid of budgeting. Read on for our five best business budgeting tips to help get you started.

1. Be Realistic

When you’re budgeting for your small business, you must be as realistic as possible. You should set your sights on a number using performance and future estimates as a base as much as possible. If anything, you’ll want to overestimate your expenses for your budget. That way, you have more room to adjust throughout the year.

2. Be Flexible

Another crucial thing to keep in mind when you’re budgeting is that it can change. On the contrary, your budget should be reviewed and updated monthly, especially if you’re new to budgeting, keep detailed records of your expenses and income, and adjust the budget for the next month as necessary. Track your sales and use them for projections. This practice will also keep you well aware of how well your company is performing.

3. Know Your Business

The best budgets come from a team of people from within the company who truly know the business. As a business owner, you might have a better idea of the big picture, but the devil is in the details when it comes to budgeting. You should gather individuals from every department so that you have precise insight into what each one will require for optimum functioning. You’ll need to become intimately acquainted with every aspect of your business.

4. Continue to Cut Where You Can

Part of getting to know your budget better and reviewing your budget is always keeping an eye for where you can limit spending. Is there a more cost-effective brand of coffee you can serve in the breakroom? Is there a vendor that’s over-charging you? Be vigilant for ways to save yourself money, because as we’re sure you know, that will only benefit you and your employees in the end.

5. Research the Industry

If you’re recently starting out in your small business venture, all this might still seem foreign to you. You don’t have any past sales, so how are you supposed to make a reasonable projection? Before you start up your business, you need to make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the industry you’re going to be joining.

Most of the data you’ll need is accessible online. Things to look for when you’re conducting your research are your competition’s most common revenue sources and expenses. Be aware of more specific things as well, such as tax law changes and overtime laws. Of course, your business is going to have unique challenges, but you should be able to make a solid starting budge after researching the industry.

K9 Resorts is proud to be a franchise that supports its branches fully, including with all their budgeting needs and business budgeting tips. Check us out here!

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5 Good Reasons You Should Work in the Pet Industry

The pet industry has been on the rise for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s check out the five main reasons why a move to the pet industry could be just the change your life needs.

1. It’s Thriving (And Growing!)

There has been no better time in history to get into the pet industry. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet parents spent 95.7 billion dollars on their pets in 2019. That number is projected to increase.

In 2020, the APPA estimates the pet industry will rake in a whopping 99 billion dollars. Those are some pretty attractive numbers to an entrepreneur looking to explore pet industry jobs.

Those numbers make perfect sense considering the growing trend behind the numbers: pet ownership. The APPA found that 67% of all American households own a pet—that’s almost 85 million families. Some of those families will even own multiple pets, each one with its specific laundry list of needs.

For example, if you buy or adopt a new puppy, you’ll need to be sure you have plenty of toys and food. Plus, the crate and dog bed. Don’t forget a leash, a harness, or both! There will be medical expenses to worry about as well. Do you see the pattern? Pet ownership is on the rise, so joining this industry now is not just a safe bet—it’s a smart one.

Looking to learn more about the future of the pet industry? Learn more here:

Will the Pet Industry Ever Fade?

2. It’s Consistent

Another great reason to consider taking advantage of the opportunity to enter the pet industry is job security. Most people believe their pets to be less like possessions and more like family. And as members of the family, they consider and tend their basic needs (and then some) with care. Since pets’ needs aren’t seasonal, most sectors of the pet industry are consistently busy year-round.

A new business owner should also consider what might happen if the worst were to happen: a recession. However, those people in the pet industry can worry a little less. In tough times, pet owners are more willing to cut costs in other areas of their lives rather than skimp on the standard their pet expects. Remember, these are more than pets to most people—they’re family.

3. There Are Options

Whether you’re looking for part-time employment, full-time employment, or a side hustle, there is truly something for everyone in this industry. With such a wide range of pets and owners, the pet industry is continuing to expand to include new pet business ideas year after year. For example, nutrition is becoming more and more important to pet owners. Gone is the kibble from years past, owners are now looking to be sure their pets consume nothing but the best.

Other burgeoning career paths in the pet industry include:

  • pet photography
  • pet blogging
  • massage therapy

Regardless of where your expertise lies, you can find an outlet for your talents in the pet industry!

4. It’s Rewarding

Having a career in the pet industry can be an enriching lifestyle for a few key reasons. First, if you do choose to franchise your own business or pursue a start-up, you can be your own boss. You can lay the foundation for your business and determine what path to set it on. Second, working in the pet industry can provide a lot of fun variety in day-to-day activities: no two animals are the same!

Finally, for any animal lover, the chance to not only be around animals all day but also serve them and fellow pet enthusiasts can increase their satisfaction and overall happiness!

5. Start-Up is Easy

Do you want to look into pet industry jobs, but you’re unsure where to start? Or perhaps you know you’d prefer to hitch your wagon to a more established business. Either way, K9 Resorts makes it easy with our franchising opportunity. We’ve built, improved, and maintained simple systems that make it easy for franchise owners, managers, and staff to succeed.

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4 Tips for New Business Owners

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start your own business. This is an exciting time in any entrepreneur’s life. Learning the ropes and figuring out the best way to make your business successful is all part of the journey. Whether you’ve decided to open an independent business or you’re buying into a franchise, there are some tips for new business owners that ring true in any situation. Every business, even the biggest franchise you might recognize, started with one person and one dream. There are a few things, universally, that business owners should recognize and understand in order to make their go of it a little bit easier and more successful. It’s likely that you’re starting from scratch, so here are some excellent small business owner tips for you to guide you on your way.

1. Plan and Execute

The first and most important of any tips for new business owners is to plan! It might sound silly because it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people open their own business without really thinking through everything and having a plan to follow. As the old adage goes, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” There’s SO much that goes into opening a business that sometimes people glaze over the minute details. Making sure you have all your bases covered, and a plan for any sort of situation that may arise is key in your business’s success. Whether you’re an independent business owner or you’re opening a franchise, having a plan and executing it will make all the difference in the scope and speed of your success.

If you’re entering into a franchise, most likely your franchisor will have a plan for you to follow and may even provide additional assistance and guidance on execution. Franchises know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to opening and running a business, so you’ll already have the advantage if you opt to go that route. Additionally, the support you get from the franchise and other franchisees along the way is priceless. Whichever way you go, you must have a fully baked plan and execute it in order for your business to succeed.

2. Location, Location, Location

Location is one of the most important aspects of any new business. However, depending on what your business offers, the ideal location can differ. For example, if you’re opening a chic boutique, you might want to find a prime location along Main Street so that you’ll get lots of foot traffic from potential customers walking past your store. However, if you’re opening a dog daycare and boarding operation, like K9 Resorts, you want enough space for you to build an appropriate facility. Facilities like ours need a specific square footage to accommodate our play and boarding spaces and give the dogs enough room to roam. If you’re opening a franchise, it’s likely they have their own location requirements and suggestions, but they’ll likely help you find and secure the perfect place. If you’re opening an independent business, you may have to do a little bit more research into where you’d like your operation to be located. Take all factors into consideration when searching for a location – budget, service/products offered, visibility, accessibility, parking, and the like. If your business is convenient for the customers you’re trying to attract, you might have a tough time. No matter how good the product or service is, people don’t want to be inconvenienced to access it. Oftentimes, this is one of the tips for new business owners that’s ignored.

Location is key in any business, especially a dog daycare. Learn how to find the right spot!

What Makes for a Great K9 Resorts Franchise Location?

3. Be Involved

This might be one of those small business owner tips that only applies to franchisees, but be involved in daily operations! It’s likely that if you’re opening your own independent small business, you’re putting in long hours to make it work. You’re already involved and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But when it comes to franchises, there are lots of options for business owners to be less involved once the business is open and running. These are called semi-absentee or absentee franchises. Just as it sounds, those types of franchises offer the owner the ability to be relatively hands off when it comes to daily operation. However, being heavily involved in your business for the first year is incredibly beneficial for you and the success of your business. Business owners are often involved in things like payroll, hiring, and inventory, but sometimes in franchising, they are less involved in the day-to-day operations. It’s a good idea to work alongside your employees in the business for a while to truly grow to understand and appreciate all aspects of your business. If you’re opening an independent business with just a few employees, you’ll likely already have that great experience!

4. Follow the Rules

This is another tip for franchise owners but can be applied to all small business owners – follow the rules! Each franchise comes with its own set of rules and requirements that its franchisees must abide by. And every business, independent or franchise, must follow the rules and regulations of business in their state. The true benefit of franchising is that you’ll have a set of rules and requirements to follow that have been proven successful for other businesses. That means, if you follow the rules, you’re likely to succeed! When it comes to independent businesses, especially small business, there are lots of resources that you have available to you to ensure you’re crossing your Ts and dotting your Is.

The world is built on small businesses and thankfully, there are plenty of options and resources for any determined entrepreneur looking to open their own operation. Along your journey, you’ll find lots of tips for new business owners, but perhaps the most important of all is passion. If you have passion and drive, the rest of the information is out there for you to find when it comes to opening your own business! If you’d like to learn more about K9 Resorts franchising, contact us today.

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Jessica Finnegan at K9 Resorts

Why Veterinarians Would Make Great Dog Daycare Business Owners

And Why a Franchise Could Be the Perfect Fit

The veterinary industry isn’t reaping the same benefits as the pet care industry overall. In fact, vets have seen their bottom line decrease up to 50% from competition from online medication providers. It used to be that all pet medication was acquired from your neighborhood vet, but with services like 1-800-Pet-Meds, there are many more options in the field and prices online tend to be lower than in office. However, there may be one way that veterinarians can increase their profits by doing something that they’re passionate about – taking care of dogs. Vets might be the perfect people to own a dog daycare and boarding facility. They inherently understand what these pets need both socially and medically, and they have an undying love for animals.

We were lucky enough to sit down with our friend and colleague, Jessica Finnegan, to learn more about this fantastic business opportunity. Jessica is the CEO/Founder of Trinity Tower Consulting, as well as a consultant, mentor and friend to pet resort owners everywhere. Trinity Tower Consulting, LLC partners with small business owners as their trusted advisor to help them identify opportunities, disrupt unsuccessful practices, and develop plans for change that take their business from mediocre to marvelous. She spent the last 12 years working as Director of Operations for the largest hybrid pet resort and veterinary hospital with a capacity of over 400 boarding units, rehab, daycare, training, grooming and limo services – so she knows a thing or two about the industry. With the help of Jessica, let’s dive in and explore some ways vets owning dog daycares could be a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Should Veterinarians and Boarding Resorts Partner Together?

Simply put, veterinarians and dog boarding resorts really work out to be the perfect partners. Vets have their own business but could use an additional revenue stream. Dog daycare and boarding facilities want to provide the absolute best care to their clients, and that includes providing an extra layer of comfort from knowing that a vet is involved in the business, is an advisor, and can act at a moment’s notice if needed. The benefits for both parties are plentiful. Not only can vets increase their overall revenue and maintain their bottom line against online competition, they have the opportunity to provide a unique service to their patients. Pet parents want to know that their furry friends are being provided the best care when they’re not around, so a veterinarian-backed dog daycare and boarding facility is the perfect solution.

“The veterinary industry has seen a huge shift in revenue opportunities. With large groups like Amazon, Costco and 1-800-Pet-Meds capitalizing on the relationships with medical distributors to purchase and buy in large bulk and sell at huge discounts, veterinarians have seen a significant decline in sales and profit on inventory,” Jessica explains. “Veterinarians are struggling to re-identify themselves and their value to the community. A strong focus on services has led veterinarians to re-look at the pet hospitality industry as a viable and profitable addition to their practices. This collaborative relationship between veterinary and resort is an obvious win.”

Jessica Finnegan giving a presentation

Why Is It a Good Idea for Veterinarians to Get Into Dog Boarding Franchises?

Opening and running a dog daycare and boarding facility can be a lot for a vet that already has a bustling practice. Partnering with a dog boarding franchise is a great way to reap the benefits of revenue and authority over the business without the responsibility of running it. Running two businesses concurrently is overwhelming for anyone, especially two businesses that are so demanding. However, a veterinarian getting into dog daycare and boarding makes great sense for a number of reasons, as Jessica explains below:

“The dog boarding franchise checks all the boxes of the veterinarian’s concerns in considering partnership with resorts. The franchise platform supplies the toolbox for a successful resort business from staffing and training, procedures, protocols and financial benchmarks. The franchise has done all the hard work in researching the best design, equipment and practices.”

With a premium franchise like K9 Resorts, a vet can open and own a dog boarding facility without worrying about daily operation. K9 Resorts provides outstanding assistance with training, so the business owner can be sure their staff is the best and be comfortable in an advisory role instead of an operational one. This setup is perfect for veterinarians looking to get into the business of dog daycare and boarding.

What Are Customers Looking For In Dog Daycare?

Dog daycare and boarding has become such an important part of many pet parents’ lives. Pet parents want to know that their beloved furry family members are being well cared for and having a good time when they have to be away. Dog daycare and boarding facilities have the responsibility to ensure the pets under their care are safe and having fun in a stress-free environment, whatever that means for each individual dog. By partnering with a vet, a dog daycare and boarding franchise like K9 Resorts would have another layer of security when it comes to best-in-care service. Not only are the professionals at every K9 Resorts location well trained in dog handling and care, they’d then have expert veterinary advice within easy reach if the case ever arose. Pet parents crave peace of mind when it comes to leaving their four-legged family in the care of others. A veterinarian-owned facility provides just that!

Where Are the Vet and Pet Boarding Industries Heading?

While veterinary care isn’t going anywhere, it is a changing landscape. Vets can no longer bank on pet medicine orders for recurring revenue as competition has opened up other options for consumers. They need to start thinking of ways to make their businesses both effective and profitable. Afterall, vets need to make a living, too! On the other hand, the pet care and boarding industries see no sign of slowing. Even during economic downturns, people still opt to spend disposable income on their pets – both in goods and services. Partnering with a trusted dog daycare and boarding franchise is a smart business move for any veterinarian. They’re able to provide a much-requested service in an industry they already know without having to take on the burden of running an additional business. The end result is more revenue and happy dogs!

Like Jessica said, “Realizing the immediate financial benefits is obvious but seeing the health and happiness of the pet and pet owner is priceless.”

If you’re interested in opening your own dog daycare and boarding franchise, contact us to learn more! K9 Resorts is a luxury dog care franchise with several locations across the East Coast looking to expand into more markets nationwide, so please reach out!

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2020 on timeline

Where the Dog Daycare Business Can Go in the 2020s

And How K9 Resorts is Moving Forward

As we get another decade underway, it’s a great time to look back at where we’ve been and where we’re going to go in the future. The pet industry as a whole has seen substantial growth over the past decade as people spend more and more on their pets’ happiness and well being. Our furry friends are truly members of the family, so it makes sense that owners are happy to invest in their care. Just from 2010 until now, pet industry growth has increased by nearly $30 billion with no signs of stopping at all. Moving into a new decade means we have even more ways to keep our pets well-fed, entertained, cared for, and thriving through a variety of advancements in technology and pet care. There have never been more pet business opportunities for people who want to marry their love of animals with a stable career. Over the past 10 years, K9 Resorts has focused on continuing to expand its franchise footprint with the support of savvy animal-loving entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at what the last 10 years brought us as a franchise and what we anticipate the next 10 will deliver.

The Last Decade

The K9 Resorts franchise has come a long way from where it started in 2005 when two brothers wanted a way to make money for playing with dogs all day. Jason and Steven Parker have since turned their dream into a reality for themselves and many other pet-loving business owners. They recognized the numerous pet business opportunities in a growing market and, really, just wanted to figure out how to spend their days with dogs. As a result, and combined with their love for animals, they created a luxury dog boarding and daycare franchise that is unmatched. K9 Resorts now has 11 locations across the Northeast and the Carolina’s with more in development. The past 10 years have allowed K9 Resorts to bring their unparalleled level of care to more pets and pet owners due to the never-ending pet industry growth.

K9 Resorts in unlike any other pet care franchise. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself:

K9 Resorts vs. The Competition

What the Industry Looks Like Today

The shift from viewing pets as accessories to the family to true members of the family has fueled demands for more tailored pet care experiences, which is exactly what K9 Resorts provides. Pet parents don’t want a one-size-fits-all solution for their pets; they want Fido and Fluffy to be treated as individuals because each pet has their own personality. The recognition of what pets need to thrive and the dedication of their owners to give it to them has offered a unique opportunity for those in the pet care industry. People are willing to pay for quality when it comes to pet care from daycare and boarding to grooming and nutrition. Today, there are still a variety of pet business opportunities as a result of this shift in view.

K9 Resorts has opened many of its current franchise locations just over the past few years. Pet industry growth is soaring and quality pet care businesses are seeing the benefit. Places that understand what pets need and what pet owners want for their pets are getting the lion’s share of success in today’s industry. As an example, K9 Resorts offers a tailored experience based on your pet’s specific needs and temperament. Boarding can be stressful for pets. You’re their people and when you’re not around, the stress begins to set in. However, at K9 Resorts, we make sure that your pet is as stress-free as possible through the use of specified care based on their needs. Whether they love being social with other dogs, or they prefer a quieter experience with a TV on in the background, we can accommodate them. Our processes and understanding of what dogs need set us apart from the competition.

Looking at the Next 10 Years

The pet care industry shows no signs of slowing down. As technology advances, so will the new offerings for our pets. Today we have automatic treat dispensers with cameras to keep an eye on our four-legged friends while we’re away, but in the next 10 years will other types of automated devices come to market to make our pets lives and our lives a little easier? How will breakthroughs in veterinary care prolong the lives of our furry family members? Any successful business must keep up with evolving technology and figure out what will benefit its customers and what seems to be a passing phase. At K9 Resorts, refining our award-winning processes and keeping up with useful state-of-the-art technology will set us up to continue to succeed over the next 10 years. No matter what new technologies are developed in the next decade, one thing we know is how to treat dogs and their owners. Continuing to provide unmatched customer service and a premium environment for pets allows us to weather whatever the next few years throws our way.

Thankfully, the pet industry is relatively recession-proof because people understand that their pets still need quality care. If you’re researching pet business opportunities and have an undying love for animals, K9 Resorts might be the choice for you. Our luxury dog boarding and daycare business is lucrative, award-winning, and ultimately rewarding. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise and how to get involved with the best pet care provider in the country!

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Hand using smart phone with social media concept

The Importance of Social Media for Your Business

Staying Connected to Your Customers

As a business owner, one of the things at the top of your mind is how to promote your business and stay connected with current customers at the same time. Thankfully, social media for business does both! Most businesses in today’s market have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all of the above. Maintaining an active and engaging social media presence can be more important for certain types of businesses – especially those that deal in pet care like a dog daycare and boarding facility. Pet parents want to know what’s going on with those they trust their beloved four-legged friends with when they’re away and they love seeing updates that include their pets! Who doesn’t love an adorable dog picture? Luckily, a dog daycare and boarding facility has lots of great opportunities for popular content when it comes to keeping an active social media presence. But beyond cute puppy pictures, here are some reasons why you should use social media for your business.


Did you know that 71% of consumers say they’d recommend a brand to a friend if they’ve had a positive interaction with it on social media? That’s monumental! Having a presence on social media for your business, and maintaining it, is key in building your customer base. Word of mouth is still one of the most lucrative ways businesses find new customers and social media is where that type of referral lives in today’s market. Simply posting content isn’t enough, however. To have a successful social media presence, you need to interact with your customers. Pet care has sort of a built-in engagement opportunity through interacting with current customers, as noted below, but it also provides vast opportunity to bring in new customers as well. Positive interaction with current customers can lead to word-of-mouth referrals. If your current customers are interacting with your brand on social media, their friends may see it and be interested in your business! On the other hand, not every interaction on social media will be positive. Frequently, people use social media to air grievances about a particular business, that’s why it’s so important to keep current with your brand on all platforms. Quickly addressing a complaint or bad review about your business in a professional manner goes a long way in building and/or maintaining your reputation and can even turn out to be positive if it’s handled appropriately.


As noted, pet parents LOVE seeing their babies on social media whether it’s their own personal pages or that of a facility that cares for them. Pets are true members of the family for most people and that means they want to see updates when they’re away from them. Social media provides an ideal platform to keep parents informed and draw in potential customers. The best part is, snapping a few cute pics every day and posting them is easy! Today’s phones have stellar cameras which means it doesn’t take a professional photographer to capture the fun that all the pups are having at daycare and boarding.

Social media is another great way to keep pet parents or potential customers informed of upcoming events, hour changes, offerings, or simply new information. People may not see postings at your physical location or glaze over emails you send out. But if you make your social media page a place people want to come through engaging updates, they’re more likely to receive the information that you’re putting out there and share them with their own social networks. That helps you find potential customers where they already spend time at no extra charge or time commitment. Having frequent updates of engaging content promotes your business and your brand.

Brand Awareness

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to use social media for business is for brand awareness. According to market research, the average person spends 11 hours a day on some sort of social media platform. Reaching people where they already are is the easiest route when it comes to promoting your brand. Social media provides you the benefit of connecting to a broader audience, where they spend their time. Instead of casting a large net and hoping to snag those that may be interested in your services, you also have a platform that allows you to target specific groups by several different qualifications. Not only can potential customers connect to your brand through current customers sharing your posts, you have the opportunity to use social media advertising to reach more people that may not be familiar with your brand. Social media gives you a way to build a far-reaching yet affordable strategy to gain new customers and keep your current customers happy at the same time!

So, why use social media for business? Simple – it helps you connect to your current customers and reach potential customers for a relatively low investment of time and resources. It’s one of the easiest marketing channels to explore with a social-friendly business like dog daycare and boarding. As a bonus, if you partner with a trusted franchise like K9 Resorts, you’ll get baked in marketing support as well as an existing social network. It’s a win-win!

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Woman shaking hand of interviewer who is holding resume

Tips on How to Hire the Right Employees

Why Pet Care is Different

Employees can make or break your business regardless of the industry. But the right employees in a pet care business can set you apart from the competition. Hiring new employees, whether you’re just starting out or adding to your staff, can be stressful. You really never know if you’ll get a good fit until you’ve brought the person on board and worked with them for a few weeks. There’s only so much a resume can tell you, which is why looking at other things can be so helpful in finding the right fit. Here are some hiring tips for finding the perfect match for your pet care business.

Qualifications and Experience

Obviously, the first place you want to start when hiring new employees is with a resume. Reviewing qualifications and determining that they may be a good fit, on the surface, is the first step in a successful hiring process. For a pet care employee, you want to see that they’ve had experience and/or training in animal behavior as well as customer service. When it comes to dog daycare and boarding, they need to be able to interact well with the pets as well as the pet parents. Firstly, any potential employee should have basic knowledge of dog behavior and socialization. Understanding how dogs interact with each other and humans is key in keeping pets safe and happy while under your business’s care. Additionally, understanding how pet parents feel about their four-legged friends is critical. Pets are part of the family and showing pet parents that your employees will give the same care and attention to their animals that they do is key.

Some specific things to look for when reviewing a candidate’s qualifications and experience are:

  • What positions have they held and where? Do they have a long list of customer service jobs that were quick turnover, or have they held a position or two for a long period?
  • What pet experience have they listed? Have they been dog walkers or sitters frequently? Have they worked at a different pet care business?
  • What’s the range of their work history? Do they jump around from industry to industry or are they focused in one or two similar areas?

Since the pet care industry has blossomed within the past decade, your candidates may or may not have pet-specific experience but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good fit for your team. It may take a little more discovery that simply perusing a resume to find the right people for your business.


When hiring new employees, one of the most challenging yet most important parts of evaluating candidates is understanding and reading temperament. When it comes to pet care, an understanding and caring nature is crucial for any employee you’re going to bring on board. Naturally, any potential employee must love animals and want what’s best for them. But beyond a true love for animals, you need to find employees that are dedicated, hardworking, and interested in growing with your business. Several facets of one’s personality can contribute to these common traits, including:

  • Being inquisitive. You want to find an employee who’s interested in continuous learning and plays an active role in their own success. Staying abreast of trends in the pet care industry and research on canine communication can set your employees apart from the rest. During your interview, do they ask questions about the business or industry? Do they seem invested in learning?
  • Being organized. A well-run business works like a finely tuned machine. At a franchise like K9 Resorts, processes and protocol are proven successful and organization is key in ensuring they’re carried out well. Organized employees help make businesses run smoothly and make for happy, healthy pets and parents! To gauge their organization skills, ask them about past projects they’ve had to handle and how they went about it.
  • Being authentic. Authenticity might be one of the most important qualities in any employee. Being authentic means that your employee is honest, true to themselves, and exudes confidence. They put people around them at ease – which is very positive in a customer service setting! You’ll likely be able to tell if a person is authentic just by interviewing them in person. They’ll be confident, calm, and have a welcoming sense about them. These are also all things that dogs can sense!

While there may be many hiring tips out there, determining a candidate’s temperament might be tricky. One way to save some time may be to do a primary phone interview before meeting in person so that you can start to gauge their personality and temperament without wasting time.

Long-Term Vision

To find great employees that will stick around, figure out what their long-term vision is for their career. Sometimes, especially in the pet care industry, people may just be dipping their toes into a new career path but not be entirely sure if it’s a good fit for them. While this can sometimes work out, sometimes it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t hire someone without previous pet care experience if the rest of their experience and attitude seem right. Figuring out a potential employee’s long-term vision is crucial when you’re hiring new employees. Is this candidate looking to help you grow your business as well as their own career? Most hiring tips include asking candidates where they see themselves in five years and this is how managers determine their long-term vision.

While this question is a great start, doing a little bit more investigation can be helpful. Carefully review the candidate’s past work history and look for any discrepancies or bouncing around. Have they held steady positions that have increased in responsibility? Or does it look like they get bored easily and move on to new and exciting opportunities? Also, do a little digging online and read employee reviews. Places like Glassdoor allow former and current employees to leave reviews of their employer. By cross-referencing their resume, you can discover if they’ve left any reviews and what they’ve said about past employers. This information can shed some light on their overall career vision.

Hiring new employees can be tough but doing a little bit of extra research and investigation can pay off big time when it comes to finding the right fit. Our franchise process can help you connect with other franchisees to determine what’s worked for them when staffing and provide a few hiring tips for a successful search.

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