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Everything You Need to Know About a K9 Resorts Franchise

If you love pets and you’re a business-minded individual, then a pet care franchise like K9 Resorts might be an excellent fit. The pet care industry is booming with Americans spending about $95 Billion on their pets yearly. The pet boarding and grooming industry has grown every year for the last 25 years, which means it’s an excellent time to jump into the industry.

The K9 Resorts Franchise Difference

K9 Resorts is doing pet boarding and doggy daycare better than the competition. After 15 years in business, K9 Resorts is still under the ownership of the original partners and pet care experts Steven and Jason Parker, rather than a conglomerate. You’ll get to experience a business model honed over 15+ years to ensure client satisfaction and precision.

The team at K9 Resorts will help you select a real estate location, architects, and contractors familiar with the dog daycare franchise industry and K9 Resorts’ specific requirements. We have a 5-mile exclusive territory radius, which is higher than the other two most popular dog daycare franchise chains and allows you maximum profit potential.

You’ll also have the technology behind you all day every day. You’ll get help with digital marketing and advertising to help ensure your business booms. We have proprietary technology to help you manage every aspect of your business in one easy-to-learn system. We take the guesswork out of owning a pet care franchise to focus on your clients.

The Investment

The overall costs of starting a K9 Resorts franchise depend on several factors, including location, size of the facility, construction costs, licensing, and more. As with all franchises, we require a royalty fee, which is 7% of your gross sales. This percentage is consistent across our competition.

You will also pay a $49,500 franchise fee in addition to your other startup costs. Typically your financing options will require 25% of the investment down, but that may vary slightly from bank to bank. We do not provide direct financing, but we do have a group of preferred lenders, and we will work with you to make the financing happen.

Potential Return on Investment

As demand increases and our precise operating model continues to thrive, we’ve built a system to help our franchisees achieve the status of a premier dog boarding facility in their region. We’ve seen incredible success stories from our current franchisees, including two of ten franchisees that have been open for 24 months earning more than $1.4 Million in gross sales.

Average sales at our corporate locations come in just over $2.1 Million. The average EBITDA for a corporate site is over $820,000, while the average EBITDA for a franchise location is over $480,000. Your growth potential is enormous as the industry sees growth year over year, and the pet industry is estimated to grow to a worth of over $200 Billion by 2025.

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K9 Resorts Pet Care Strategies

K9 Resorts are luxury pet care facilities that focus on doggy daycare and boarding exceptionally well while leaving the pet supplies and add-ons to the experts in those fields. We utilize hospital-grade ventilation systems, floor technologies with micro-ban (an antimicrobial and odor-reducing agent) built-in, and a pet-safe courtyard with antimicrobial agents.

Our goal at K9 Resorts is to ensure all dogs enter and leave our facility in their best health. Our focus is on creating a luxurious environment for dogs where owners can feel good about leaving their pets with us for the day or for as long as they need. We stock premium dog beds for our furry guests and have cage-free accommodations for increased comfort.

We organize dogs based on temperament, and we are sure to treat every dog as an individual, not as a breed stereotype. Doing business in this way helps us gain and keep our clients’ trust, and it takes the guesswork out of these aspects of boarding for you as a franchisee.

Our luxurious accommodations for dogs include individual rooms for each dog that include a premium dog bed and a television. Clients can also choose single or double compartments if a larger room isn’t what their dog needs.

The entire facility, including each hotel room, is decorated beautifully in dog-friendly designs. Clients get to choose between one-on-one staff playtime or all-day group doggy play for their animals. Dog baths are also a part of our boarding routine to keep pets healthy and clean.

Dogs will have access to the outdoors at every facility, no matter where you hope to open your franchise. We have industry-leading training for all staff to help ensure your hotel runs beautifully even when you can’t be there. We pride ourselves on keeping our brand focused on a home-like environment to keep dogs from leaving our facilities stressed.

How We Compare to the Competition

Our biggest rivals are the two other most prominent names in dog daycare franchise ownership: Dogtopia and Camp Bow Wow. We offer a more extensive exclusive territory than both of these companies. We are the only one of the three that is still owner-operated, which means we have the company owners’ full attention to helping grow our business and train our franchisees.

Although our initial investment is slightly higher than both Dogtopia and Camp Bow Wow on comparable facility sizes, we also have a higher EBITDA opportunity than both of those brands. Our minimum EBITDA is $481,928, while the others offer a minimum EBITDA of under $150,000 regardless of facility size. That’s a huge benefit toward our franchisee’s success.

What is the Process to Get a Franchise?

There are five total steps to becoming a franchise owner with K9 Resorts. Those steps are as follows:

  1. Get in touch
  2. Apply
  3. Schedule a visit
  4. Review the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)
  5. Sign the franchise agreement

Step 1: Get in Touch

We don’t just sell franchises; we award them to the most qualified individuals. We want to get to know you and make sure that our relationship is a good fit before you dive into your ownership. To accomplish that, we like to talk to each interested party before they apply for a franchise.

Step 2: Apply

Once we all agree that you’ll make an excellent addition to our franchisee team, we will invite you to apply for candidacy. In this stage, you’ll give us lots of personal information so that we can make a final decision on whether or not you’ll be eligible for a franchise.

Step 3: Schedule a Visit

Once your application is in, you can schedule a visit to our corporate office in Fanwood, New Jersey, for what we call “Discovery Day.” During your visit, you’ll meet our senior management team, view our operations, and hear about our vision for future growth. We’ll explain how we intend to stay ahead of our competition and encourage you to do the same.

Step 4: Review the FDD

This step is vital to your understanding of our franchise agreement and company visions. You can take as much or as little time as you need to review the FDD and come back to us with any questions or concerns. This step is required by the FTC, which means that you will have an FDD no matter what company you’re looking into for franchise options.

Step 5: Sign Franchise Agreement

This final step of the process is more like the first step toward your new opportunity. Once you sign the agreement, you’re a part of the family, and the really exciting part begins. We’ll help you build your franchise, start the training process, and begin your real estate search as soon as your signature is on the paperwork.

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Why Invest in the Pet Care Industry?

By now, I’m sure you realize that we are passionate about the pet care industry, and especially about dogs. You might be wondering if a passion for animals and the industry is enough for you to join us. If you’re still worried about the numbers backing up your decision, we have some good news!

The pet care industry is booming across the country. It’s grown exponentially over the last few years as more Americans start to think of pets as family. Millennials and Baby Boomers are the most likely generations to spend extra money on their pets, but Gen X isn’t far behind, and the projections for Gen Z are just as staggering.

$10.3 Billion of what US pet owners spent last year on their pets went towards boarding and grooming services. Pet owners claim that they would rather give up personal luxuries during times of hardship than spend less on their pets, and that’s a big advantage for our industry. The American Pet Products Association even believes that the pet industry is recession-proof.

If you’re interested in a dog daycare franchise with a leading company in the pet care industry, then please contact us to start the process of joining the K9 Resorts family.

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What K9 Resorts Loves About Being a Dog Daycare Franchise

And What You Will, Too!

There is no greater love than that a dog has for its owner. Puppy dog eyes didn’t become a charming phrase for nothing! At K9 Resorts, we understand how much love our pets add to our lives and we strive to show them that same amount of love and affection through our luxury dog daycare and boarding facilities. We’re in the industry of pet franchises because we love pets! What better time of year than Valentine’s Day to reflect on what we really love about working with your beloved furry family members each and every day. Taking care of dogs is more than just a job for us — it’s a privilege and it shows in how we run our business.

“K9 Resorts isn’t just something we do, it’s something we love,” said Jason Parker, half of the duo that founded the first K9 Resorts location. “Ever since we were young, we had a drive and desire to make dogs and their owners feel at ease while we take care of them. The older we got, the more we realized how we can take what we love and make it something big. The K9 Resorts family is all about making your passion a part of your daily life, and we couldn’t be happier with where we are at. When you truly love and are passionate about your work, great things can happen.”

Here’s how we show our dedication to and appreciation for your dogs every day at our dog care franchises.

A Focus on Your Pet’s Needs

At K9 Resorts, everything we do is focused on what’s best for your pet. From our state-of-the-art, proprietary technology and facilities to our certified staff, we offer a world-class experience for you and your furry family members. Providing exemplary care means understanding how dogs communicate and socialize. We know how to make your pet’s stay as stress-free as possible based on their specific needs. That’s why we have a range of boarding options from luxury cage-free boarding suites to traditional crated stays. Just like people, there is no one-size-fits-all for dogs. We’re recommended by pet professionals like vets and groomers because of our outstanding training and accommodations. We love your pets as much as you do and it shows!

A Commitment to Quality

We show our love of animals through our commitment to quality. Every interaction with you and your pet should be memorable. We know that leaving your beloved pet in someone else’s care can be terrifying. Will they be lonely? Will they get the same love and attention that you give them? At K9 Resorts, you can count on our staff treating your pet just like they’re at home. Our staff receives industry-leading training both in pet care and customer service. Our standards are on par with Disney and Ritz-Carlton. We know you have a choice when it comes to where your pet stays when you’re not around and we want you both to feel as comfortable as possible with our facilities. Each member of our staff is required to be certified to perform whatever job function they’re responsible for and are offered a clear career path when they join our team. The motivation to succeed and provide outstanding pet care drives our employees to excel which shows in our services!

Do You Love Pets as Much as We Do?

Have you ever considered opening a dog care franchise? If so, now’s the perfect time to turn your love of animals into a career. Not all pet franchises are created equal and it takes true drive and passion for animals to succeed in an ever-increasingly competitive industry like pet care. At K9 Resorts, we consider our franchisees to be family members. We understand the love you have for animals and the drive you have to succeed in owning your own business. Our franchise model provides unmatched support and training in the pet care industry. We provide a scalable business model to refine every aspect of franchise ownership. From location selection to training to growth and more, we’re with you every step of the way because when you succeed we all benefit, including pets!

“Everyone’s a repeat customer. Everybody that comes here comes back. In fact, I love coming here and watching the dogs get out of their cars and run in the building,” said Andrew Henning, owner of the Cherry Hill, NJ K9 Resorts location. “I love it even more when the parents come to pick them up, and they don’t want to leave.”

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of opportunity to make a business out of your love for animals. We’re always looking to bring more members into our K9 Resorts family, so contact us today!

Ready to learn more about K9 Resorts?

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What Does It Mean to be “Luxury Dog Boarding?”

You’ll Notice the Difference!

Dog boarding comes in a variety of options and, shockingly, much of the industry isn’t strictly regulated. That’s why finding a quality luxury dog boarding facility that you trust can be very important to discerning pet parents. Dog care facilities range in attention, training, and staff understanding of how canines operate. Some boarding facilities are as simple as a true kennel where your dog stays in a crate or cage and is only let out for a walk or bathroom time a few times a day. A luxury boarding experience is much more involved and focused on the comfort and happiness of your pet. Dogs are social creatures, that’s why leaving them alone for most of the day isn’t in their best interests. A luxury pet hotel franchise like K9 Resorts understands this and that’s something we take very seriously when it comes to caring for your four-legged family member. Here’s what it truly means to us to be a luxury dog boarding facility.


Our focus is on your pet – whether that means they prefer a standard boarding experience and have been crate trained or they want the freedom to move about in their own dedicated space. Our luxury dog boarding facilities are committed to stress-free boarding and offering the type of experience that your pet is used to at home so being in a “new” environment doesn’t cause discomfort. When you’re away for vacation, we want your pets to feel safe, well taken care of, and happy. We customize every experience to each individual pet that are suited to each dog’s temperament. In addition, we use ultra-hygienic cleaning methods to ensure that each space is fresh and clean with adds to reducing stress in your pet. Our accommodations are the most luxurious in the industry. Is your dog used to snoozing on the couch while catching up on his favorite series? Our luxury suites can accommodate that! We offer plush Kuranda bedding with an in-suite television tuned right to Animal Planet. More of the play-all-day-crash-at-night type? We have the perfect fit with our conventional boarding option. Whatever keeps your furry family member’s stress at its lowest level is what we’re here to provide!

World-Class Facility

Our luxury pet hotel franchise features world-class facilities. Beyond our customized boarding options for each pet, we focus on keeping a sparkling clean space that functions seamlessly. Our ultra-hygienic cleaning methods and sanitizing procedures are hospital grade. We feature cutting-edge flooring systems with Microban built right in. You’ll find a state-of-the-art PetAirapy UV air purification and ventilation system in each and every K9 Resorts location. We even have the outdoors covered with a pet-safe courtyard featuring K9 Grass with “Alphasan” microbial agents that create a safe and clean environment. The last thing any pet parent wants is to leave their beloved dog in a place that seems unsanitary or smells.

Trained Professionals

Training is important especially when it comes to those that care for animals. Since dogs have a different language than humans, it’s crucial for dog boarding facility staff to understand how to communicate with our canine friends and how they talk to each other. Every staff member at any K9 Resorts location is trained, certified, and truly cares about animals. Employees are certified for the function they perform, and our customer service standards are on par with Disney and Ritz-Carlton. We make you feel at home as well as your pets when you walk through our doors. Luxury dog boarding facilities look at every level of interaction from the first contact to the 100th time your pet has stayed with us. We want both of you to feel happy and at ease with our services, that’s why we dedicate time to initial and continuing training.

Not all dog boarding facilities are created equal and if you’re looking to offer best-in-class service for owners and their pets, a luxury pet hotel franchise like K9 Resorts is the answer.

Ready to learn more?

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How Dog Daycare Relieves Holiday Stress for All

Don’t Feel Bad Leaving Fido in Loving Hands!

The holidays come with a flurry of activity, excitement, and stress for nearly everyone in the family including our four-legged friends. Whether you’re going out of town for the holidays or having everyone over to your home, the hustle and bustle can cause our pets unneeded stress. Our dogs can experience holiday season stress, too! With so many things and people coming and going, it’s not hard to see why giving our furry family members a break can be the best gift of all during the holidays. If you’re wondering how to reduce dog anxiety this season, s stay at doggy daycare and boarding is a simple way to help your pet!

Hosting Hassle

Hosting family and friends at your home can make life-long memories and warm your heart during the holidays. But have you ever thought about how it makes your furry family feel? While dogs are social creatures and love interacting with their humans, having a house full of new friends can be completely overwhelming. Depending on the temperament of your dog, they may experience stress because of new smells and faces or they might simply feel overwhelmed with the amount of love everyone is willing to give! New sights and sounds all at once can be stress inducing for our beloved pets, so treating them to a day at daycare or stay at boarding over the holidays is a welcome break. They’ll be able to rest and relax as well as play with friends as they choose instead of feeling responsible for entertaining or taking care of their home filled with new people. You’ll also eliminate the risk of a runaway if they’re safely taken care of at your favorite doggy daycare. With doors opening and closing, there’s always a chance someone will accidentally let Fido out. Additionally, with so many people coming over to join in your holiday celebration, there’s bound to be one or two with allergies. Letting your pup get a rest away from home will give everyone a break.

Want to help dog owners keep their pet stress-free? Start your own dog daycare!

Opening a Dog Daycare – How to Get Started

On the Road Again

If you’re not hosting and traveling this holiday season, it’s important to find exemplary care for your furry family members. Oftentimes, our pets can’t travel with us for the holidays. While we may feel guilt about having to be apart from them on special occasions, when they’re in the care of a quality dog daycare and boarding facility, like K9 Resorts, dog holiday season stress is a thing of the past. They’ll enjoy relaxing on their own or playing with their friends – whichever you pet prefers! Asking friends or family to come and care for your pet can leave your pet lonely. Also, your potential caregiver is likely having holiday festivities of their own so don’t let your pet be a burden on their already-busy schedule. At a dog daycare and boarding facility like K9 Resorts, your pet can spend their holiday in the comfort of their own space, warm and cozy in a relaxing environment that’s almost as good as home.

Give the Gift of Peace

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to reduce dog anxiety this holiday season and let K9 Resorts help! We’re heads and tails ahead of the competition because we offer luxury dog daycare and boarding year-round. Give your four-legged friend the gift of peace this holiday instead of asking them to entertain your whole crew or leaving them in the care of someone who’s probably preoccupied. Our job is to ensure your furry family member has a relaxing and refreshing stay while you’re away or playing holiday host. You can play your part by fully being present for those that need you this holiday season, while your pooch gets a vacation. It’s a win-win for the entire family!

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Ibby Award

K9 Resorts Announced as an IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Award Winner!

November 4, 2019 — K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel was named the winner for the IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Award. The awards, nicknamed the Ibbys, were established by the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) to honor those businesses raising the bar for professionalism and success in the pet care services industry. The 2019 award recipients were determined based on a nomination and independent selection committee process. The winners were announced during a special evening presentation at the Seventh Annual IBPSA Pet Care Services Educational Conference & Trade Show on October 1, 2019, at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa in California.

“As the pet care industry continues to explode and competition increases, it’s important to recognize those professionals who are setting themselves apart from the crowd,” said Carmen Rustenbeck, IBPSA’s founder and CEO. “Pet owners should have a gold standard to look to when choosing a pet care provider and K9 Resorts is helping set that standard.”

To meet the initial threshold for a nomination, pet care providers must have been in business for at least three years and a current member of IBPSA for at least six months. Next, nominees were required to submit information reflecting their financial growth in the past year, company description and vision, and company culture. Nominees were also required to provide information on how the business excels in animal welfare along with details on education and certifications completed by the business owners and employees.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud to receive the IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Award. At K9 Resorts, we work hard to ensure our customers feel at ease when they leave their four legged friends at our resorts. Thanks to our highly-trained staff and state of the art facilities, we do just that.”

K9 Resorts prides themselves as a luxury dog boarding and daycare facility. Nationally recognized, K9 Resorts works hard to provide peace of mind to a number of dog owners around the country. Boasting top of the line facilities, cage free luxury boarding, and professionally trained staff, your dog is in good hands. The health and happiness of pets is at the top of K9 Resorts’ priorities, so dog owners can rest assured that their four-legged friend will have the ultimate experience. Rated #1 by multiple major publications, K9 Resorts is honored and thrilled to be able to add an IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Award to their trophy shelf.


The International Boarding & Pet Services Association was established to foster and support the pet care services industry and its members, including the owners and managers of pet boarding and daycare facilities, veterinarians, pet sitters, dog walkers, dog trainers, and holistic pet care providers. The association provides education, certifications, resources, products, information, and legislative support to help its members succeed. As part of its commitment to education and the business of pet care, IBPSA holds an annual conference with speakers, sessions, and exhibitors dedicated to helping pet care professionals grow their business, plan for the future, and maintain personal balance. For more information on IBPSA, visit

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“Ritz-Carlton” of Dog Hotels Celebrates Grand Opening in Malvern

Local dignitaries join K9 Resorts for ribbon cutting, tours of luxury doggie daycare

MALVERN, Pennsylvania—Aug. 7, 2019 — K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel of Malvern celebrated its grand opening at 309 Lancaster Avenue in Malvern on August 3 with more than 200 attendees. Owned and operated by Newtown Square residents Ed and Cheri DeLong and their son, Teddy, the 13,000-square foot upscale doggie day care and boarding facility was welcomed to the community by East Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors Chair Sue Drummond and Planning Commission Chair Deborah Abel, who commemorated the official opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

In addition to the ribbon cutting, the DeLongs introduced guests to the New Jersey-based franchise’s second Pennsylvania location by giving free tours of its numerous doggie suites, boarding rooms, outdoor play areas and more.

Recognized as the ‘Ritz-Carlton’ of dog hotels, K9 Resorts of Malvern offers hospital-grade air filtration systems, Italian tile, antimicrobial flooring, and individual room humidifier systems, as well as in-room flat screen televisions, architecturally distinctive moldings, a stunning lobby chandelier and professionally trained staff to care for all of its four-legged guests.

“We had a wonderful time celebrating with the community,” said Cheri DeLong. “We spent an afternoon with our new neighbors and future customers introducing our luxury accommodations, and talking about service and bringing new jobs to the area. We’re looking forward to being a trusted solution for dog owners who want to give their furry family members a comfortable, loving and luxurious place to stay that will treat their companions like we do our own.”

K9 Resorts of Malvern will employ approximately 20-25 employees. The resort will be able to accommodate nearly 100 dogs per day for overnight boarding and its doggie daycare operations.

“Reservations have significantly increased in the last few days,” said Ed DeLong. “It just goes to show how strong demand is in this area and the surrounding communities. We’re excited to offer doggie daycare and boarding services that exceed industry standards.”

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit

About K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotels

At K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotels, we strive to offer the best pet care experience for your dog. K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotels is also honored to be the only facility in New Jersey and one of few in the country with number-one ratings from several major publications. While there are many pet care facilities out there, only we can say we’re recommended by numerous pet professionals and several major publications. We are proud to lead the way in the pet hospitality industry. For more information, please visit or contact a franchise location nearest you.

Franchise Times slideshow preview

K9 Resorts Speaks at the 2019 Franchise Finance & Growth Conference

For nearly 20 years, Jason and Steven Parker have been a part of the pet care industry. After years of dog walking and pet sitting, the Parker brothers decided to take their love for pets to the next level. Through understanding pets, pet owners, and the industry, Jason and Steven realized that a high-end luxury dog hotel was needed, and K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel was born.

Dogs, especially today, are more than just an animal in a household – they are family. Americans spend nearly $70 billion a year on their pets, and this number is continuing to grow. Many kennels and dog boarding facilities are just that, a facility to board dogs. With K9 Resorts, dogs get to relax and de-stress all thanks to cage-free dog beds, indoor swimming pools, and a lot more. A five-star pet hotel doesn’t just put the dog at peace of mind, but it puts dog owners at ease as well.

K9 Resorts is focused on keeping clients happy, as well as continuing to grow the brand. In 2011, K9 Resorts began franchising in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Over the years, K9 has scaled across the country and is currently at 27 locations. Jason Parker had the pleasure of speaking at the 2019 Franchise Finance & Growth Conference to discuss K9 Resorts and the exciting opportunity it presents. In the video below, you see Jason’s presentation at the conference, a long with a slideshow and video focused around the opportunity. Here, you will be able to learn a lot more about K9 Resorts, who they are, what makes them different, and why their business model is one that is tough to beat. Take a look!

If you’re interested in starting a K9 Resorts franchise, or would like to learn a little more about us, contact us today!

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K9 Resorts Continues Rapid Growth – Projects a Strong 2019

The pet care industry is booming to the tune of more than $72 billion in expenditures last year. K9 Resorts is certainly getting a share of this billion-dollar industry and continues to see rapid growth. In the upcoming year, the luxury dog care franchise has set its sights on continued growth and is projecting a strong 2019 overall. This year, K9 Resorts is looking to double their existing number of franchises. The franchise is looking to double in growth from its current seven operational locations to 15 just this year. In addition, K9 Resorts has another 15 units in development which would again double their footprint.

All in all, the franchise will be tripling the current number of operational locations once those in development open their doors. K9 Resorts is also looking to open another corporate location in 2019 to provide additional guidance and services to their franchisees. K9 Resorts goal is to bring stress-free, guilt-free care to dogs and families everywhere, and by widening their footprint, they can achieve that.

“K9 Resorts is excited for what’s to come in 2019 for a number of reasons,” said Jason Parker, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of K9 Resorts. “Our team is looking to double the current amount of locations we have open this year, as well as open the 15 current franchises we have in development. While growth is exciting, helping our customers is what we love most, which is why we are launching an app in 2019. K9 Resorts has high aspirations, and I know with our team and dedication, the sky is the limit.”

Excelling On Many Fronts

The K9 Resorts app, set to be released this year, will provide an easier experience for pet parents on the go. The app will work across locations and offer a convenient way for customers to book online, cancel, adjust reservations, and more. Parker notes that the app will make scheduling easier than ever before, which confirms K9 Resorts’ dedication to their customers and pets.

For a company that opened its first location in 2005, and is a relative newcomer to the market, their three-year plan is ambitious yet well thought out. By doubling down on their franchisees in 2019 and looking to open 66 new locations in the next three years, it shows how much dedication the K9 brand has to its current and potential customers, its franchisees, and the brand itself.

K9 Resorts has set itself apart in the pet care industry. Through its dedication to a stress-free boarding and daycare experience, the franchise’s operational procedures are unmatched. Dogs enjoy cage-free boarding, state-of-the-art facilities, hospital-grade sanitation procedures, luxury beds, and more. K9 Resorts has enjoyed being named “Best of” in a variety of markets and across numerous organizations. This award-winning franchise has nowhere to go but up as the pet care industry continues to thrive and pet parents want the best for their beloved companions. K9 Resorts delivers on that promise and it shows.

For more information about K9 Resorts and franchising opportunities, click below:

K9 Resorts reception desk

K-9 Resorts is More Than Just Doggie Day Care

Parker brothers find hotel mentality has helped grow business

Jason and Steven Parker were not allowed to have a pet while growing up in Scotch Plains — a fact of life the brothers can thank their parents for now.

That’s because — while in middle school in 1999 — Jason and Steven created a lucrative solution:

A business called K-9 Guardians Professional Pet Sitting.

“We just wanted to do something where we could play with dogs,” Jason Parker said.

It was just the beginning for the young entrepreneurs.

“We traveled all over the country attending seminars and industry conferences and touring premium pet care facilities,” Parker said. “We saw what we liked and what we didn’t out there in the industry.”

All in an effort to learn as much as they could before co-founding their own pet care facility, K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel in Fanwood, in 2005.

“When we opened up K-9 Resorts, I was actually still in high school,” said Parker, the president. “It was the second semester of my senior year and through the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School’s work-study program, I was able to go to school for a couple hours in the morning and then help run our business in the afternoon.”

Neither Jason nor Steven, CEO, ever looked back. In fact, instead of attending college, both simply wanted to keep moving forward.

So in 2006, the brothers sold K-9 Guardians Professional Pet Sitting for a six-figure sum in order to expand K-9 Resorts into the multimillion-dollar, award-winning franchise company it is today.

“We are a cage-free facility, and that’s what our clients really appreciate,” Parker said.

Currently, K-9 Resorts has five locations — Fanwood, Fairfield, Middletown, Madison and East Brunswick — and is in the process of opening two more in Hamilton and Horsham, Pennsylvania. For about $50 to $70 a day, K-9 Resorts customers can rest assured that, while they’re away, their dogs will be well taken care of within all-inclusive luxury designer suites or traditional cage-boarding options.

“An overwhelming majority of our clients also take advantage of doggie day care so that their dog is not just sitting in their room all day, but playing, socializing and going outside more frequently,” Parker said.

“By the time the dogs go back to their accommodations to sleep at night, they’re tired and have no anxiety.”

Or they always have the option to watch the color televisions tuned to Animal Planet in each room.

“We invest a lot of money into the materials that we use to build our K-9 Resorts locations,” Parker said.

Everything is premium, from the artificial turf outside with antimicrobial agents to the flooring systems to the air purification systems.

And even though it’s a more expensive layout, each building location is carefully designed to reduce pets’ stress levels and improve noise control and ventilation.

No wonder K-9 Resorts has been rated No. 1 by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, Courier News, Suburban Essex and Monmouth Health & Life Magazine, and also has been featured on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

“We wanted to start with New Jersey, branch out into neighboring states and then continue to grow into a national brand after that to make sure we have all the time and resources to support and dedicate to each franchise,” Parker said. “We’re extremely hands on and involved in every detail throughout every step of the way.”

While the goal is to grow to between 100 and 200 locations total, the company will at least be opening up three additional corporate stores and 12 more franchise locations over the next five years.

“The next three markets we’re going to focus on are Bergen County, the Bedminster/Bernardsville area and Cherry Hill,” Parker said.

Every month, K-9 Resorts boards more than 1,500 dogs. And each location that’s been open for more than a year has been sold out during peak times, or about 125 days a year.

In fact, K-9 Resorts in Fanwood is currently sold out until Labor Day.

“Being busy is a good problem to have,” Parker said.

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What Sets K9 Resorts Apart from the Other Dog Daycare Franchises

Not all dog daycare franchises are created equal and here’s why.

K9 Resorts has brought together all the best things about a dog daycare business to provide an experience that is unmatched in the industry. We’ve been voted number one in pet care across a variety of regions and it’s because of our dedication to pets, people, and service. Pet professionals like veterinarians, groomers, and more laud our state-of-the-art pet care facilities and not only refer us on a regular basis but use our services themselves.

Our franchisees turn to K9 Resorts because of our stellar support system and commitment to success. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every customer, across all of our locations, receives a high-quality experience every single time. Our dedication to the canine community is highlighted through our pet-focused processes and the continued support we provide our franchisees.

The K9 Resorts model has set itself apart through quality standards in dog boarding and daycare. Here are just a few features our pet care facilities have that make us stand out:

  • State-of-the-art air purification systems
  • Pet-safe courtyard with turf that features antimicrobial agents
  • PCSA-certified staff

K9 Resorts in unlike any other pet care franchise. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself:

K9 Resorts vs. The Competition

Focus on Pets

At K9 Resorts, we believe in putting pets first. Our optimal stress-free boarding environment is the perfect place for your precious pets. We’re not just another dog daycare facility. We ensure that every one of our locations is committed to creating the best experience for you and your pet each time. K9 Resorts is different because of our years of experience and real-world training.

What we saw in the industry were both stressed out pets and stressed out pet parents. Pet owners typically feel great guilt about boarding their animals because they come back stressed, smelly, and sometimes even sick. K9 Resorts stress-free dog boarding provides a calming yet exciting experience that your pets will actually enjoy. Our revolutionary processes make sure your dog is put with other canine companions of the same disposition, which makes for a stress-free stay. In addition, we specialize in cage-free boarding which means your pet isn’t left alone all night to worry.

We focus on customized programs suited to each dog’s temperament, ultra-hygienic cleaning methods, and the most luxurious accommodations in the industry to provide an optimal environment for your pet.

Those that own and staff our locations are given initial training so that they truly understand and appreciate our operational processes. Franchise owners are given continuing education so that staff is well educated in the duties they’re expected to perform as well as how to operate our proprietary systems.

Our facilities are clean, well-lit, have a pleasant odor, and are staffed with people who are incredible knowledgeable and truly care about dogs. That’s why K9 Resorts sets the standard in dog daycare and boarding. We attract and retain dedicated clientele who appreciate that we are just as devoted to their animals as they are.

Focus on Franchisee Success

The success of our brand depends on how involved we are in the success of our franchises and that’s one of the many things that sets us apart from other dog daycare franchises. The K9 Resorts dog daycare franchise setup is focused on supporting our franchisees so that they can uphold the high standards we’ve set for the industry. People choose K9 Resorts because of our outstanding facilities and dedication to the canine community.

As noted, our franchisees and staff receiving thorough initial and ongoing training to support our goals and so that they understand K9 Resorts proven business model. The staff at our locations aren’t just doing a job and skating by on minimum wage. They’re highly-qualified, trained dog handlers that are dedicated to the job. As a result, they’re likely to stay in the position longer and build with the brand.

In addition to the training support we provide our franchisees, the startup assistance we offer is unique. K9 Resorts works with preferred lenders who can lend up to 75 percent of the total initial investment for a franchise. In addition, we work with you to secure a site, negotiate a lease, find zoning attorneys, and even attend zoning meetings with you. If you’re building from scratch, we can help source a builder and architecture firm who knows what’s expected of our specifications. Our number one goal is to help you get your new business off the ground on time and within budget so that you can start providing our quality pet care to those in your area.

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We also provide a proprietary platform that helps you give your customers the service the expect while maintaining daily operations. K9 Connect integrates all business systems from client relations to marketing to employee management and even down to our mobile app. A well-rounded system that connects all facets of the business makes both the client experience and the employee experience seamless.

Focus on Customer Experience

K9 Resorts is set apart from other dog daycare businesses through their focus on the pet parent’s experience. We know how important people’s pets are and that’s why we want to ensure their experience is just as flawless as their furry friends at every location. K9 Resorts began with a belief that a superior boarding experience was possible and through years of experience with dedicated pet owners, the brand was born.

We focus on making sure each customer feels comfortable leaving their precious pets in our care. One of the top complaints of anyone’s boarding experience is that they feel guilty for having to leave their pets behind while they travel. This fear comes from the typical boarding experience. When they return, their pets are dirty, stressed, and sometimes sick. We wanted to change that.

From the second a pet parent walks into any of our locations, they feel comforted by the facility. K9 Resorts locations are well-lit, smell nice, and are staffed by caring and knowledgeable professionals. In addition, we offer things like online booking, a mobile app, and a range of convenience services that pet owners can add on to their pet’s stay.

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Everything that K9 Resorts does is focused on creating an optimal, stress-free environment for both pets and pet owners. With a growing, recession-proof industry like pet care, now’s the time to open the business of your dreams. If you’d like to learn more about K9 Resorts franchising opportunities, contact us today!

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