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Tips on How to Properly Work With Dogs

Working with dogs is fun, rewarding, and exciting. Each day brings upon new challenges and goals for you to accomplish. The truth is, we can’t get inside a dog’s head, which makes it difficult to understand what they want, what they’re thinking, and why they’re acting a certain way.

While working with animals is enjoyable, it can be stressful if you don’t understand how to work with dogs. In this guide, we’re offering four of our top tips to help make your professional dog working experience a bit more manageable.

1. Understand Your Pup

You need to realize that each dog has its own unique personality, and with that will come some traits. Some dogs are energetic, while others are calmer. Some pups need constant attention or stimulation, while others are independent and can fend for themselves.

You need to understand that, so communication is pivotal. Discuss all of these things with the dog’s pet parent and make sure you have more than enough information before you take their dog into your care.

Some examples of questions you might want to ask are:

  • What does pup like to eat?
  • When does pup typically eat?
  • Is the dog okay around other dogs?
  • Does he/she get nervous around dogs, children, adults, cats, etc.?
  • What is his/her favorite type of activity for playtime?

By understanding these personality traits, you’ll become acquainted with the pup much faster and easier.

2. Go Slow

Working with dogs requires you to take a slow approach. Think of them like a small child entering a new classroom on the first day of school. They’re timid, nervous, and a little unsure about what to do.

Dogs feel the same, but they have a different way of showing it. Just as some kids would act out when they feel uncomfortable, many pups will do the same thing due to stress.

You need to slowly introduce them to their surroundings and allow them to sniff around and feel out the situation. If you’re with the dog for an extended period of time (longer than 2-3 days), these first few moments are crucial.

Allow them to lead the way, let them run around and check everything out, and if you have a pup who is more timid or scared when their owner leaves, let them be. If you’re too pushy and you try to be too friendly, it can result in the dog getting scared, biting, growling, or becoming destructive.

3. Positive Reinforcement

As previously mentioned, taking care and working with dogs is similar to working with children. Dogs need positive reinforcement to know they made the right or wrong choice. By offering treats, toys, and special enrichment, you’re reinforcing good behavior and showing them that you’re paying attention to them.

4. Be Firm But Compassionate

While you want to avoid shouting at a dog, you need to be firm in situations where behavior gets out of control. When you take a new dog into your care, they are unfamiliar with you and might think they don’t have to listen because their owner isn’t around.

You need to set that straight right away and make sure they understand that you’re the boss. As the previous point mentioned, make sure you’re reinforcing the good choices they make and always show compassion and understanding.

Keep in mind that most dogs are likely scared when they are in a stranger’s care, and it will always lead to erratic behavior. Your compassion will shine bright when you’re able to show their owner how comfortable and happy you made their pup while he/she stayed with you.

Pet Industry Statistics: Why Invest?

Now more than ever, pets are a part of our families. Pet owners will invest more time and money in their pets than ever before, especially if it means keeping their furry friends happy and healthy while they can’t be together. That’s just one of many reasons that the pet industry is continuing to see massive growth, and experts expect it to continue.

What’s Making the Pet Industry Grow

In 2016, researchers estimated that the pet care market was worth about $131 billion, and we expect that to grow to over $200 billion by 2025, according to a 2018 study of pet industry statistics by Grand View Marketing Inc. One of the fastest-growing areas of the pet industry is boarding and grooming.

Millennial dog owners are the primary reason for boarding and grooming industry growth. These owners are more willing to give up their luxuries to ensure their pets are taken care of during hard times. They are also more willing to spend money on technological advances associated with pet care and send their dogs to doggy daycare while at work.

Boarding and Grooming Services

Nearly 65% of US households have pets, and 72% of millennials own at least one pet according to pet industry statistics. That means there is an incredibly large number of families in need of pet services like boarding and grooming at least occasionally. With the growing humanization of pets, more and more people are looking into doggy daycares and cage-free boarding services.

Advances in technology create an environment where boarding and grooming services are more accessible to pet owners who would not previously have been able to afford them. Because of the surge of accessibility, more boarding and grooming services are necessary. If you’re a pet lover looking for an opportunity to jump into a booming industry, that’s exciting news.

It’s not just millennials who treat their pets like family and send them to doggy daycare or high-end boarding facilities when they vacation, though. Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are also spending more on pets. Baby Boomers tend to spend less on everything but their pets, according to recent statistics, because they are replacing their grown children with dogs.

In 2019 alone, US pet owners spent more than $95 Billion on their pets, with $10.3 Billion going to services like boarding, grooming, and training. The amount we spend on our pets in the US has increased each year for at least the last five years, and we don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

Opening a business in the pet industry is a great call, but is it better to franchise or open an independent business? Learn more here!

The K9 Resorts Difference

With pet industry statistics indicating that boarding and daycare services are experiencing record high revenue every year for the past five years, and with more research proving that dogs have a positive impact on our lives, it’s an excellent time to look into franchise opportunities in the pet industry.

We set K9 Resorts apart from the rest by utilizing our love for dogs and organization to offer the most hygienic, luxurious, and personalized services in the industry. K9 Resorts offers industry-leading franchisee support that includes training, real estate selection assistance, elite business systems, and more.

The financials and marketing for K9 Resorts are all straightforward to help new franchisees feel confident in their business plan. We use the latest technology to attract millennial customers and beyond. We’re able to work with our franchise owners to ensure that their inventory is minimal so that they can focus on customers and keep a clean and luxurious atmosphere.

Our results are proven over our 15 years in business. We keep processes simple while building on new technologies and state of the art training and hiring processes. With $95 Billion spent on pets in the US every year, we know how to drive success in a booming industry.

Pet owners explicitly say that they are willing to spend money on their pets even when they have to cut back on their expenses, which earns our excellent industry stability. Think investing in a K9 Resorts franchise is the right move for you? We’d love to talk to you about it. Contact us for additional information about franchising opportunities in your area.