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How Dog Daycare Relieves Holiday Stress for All

Don’t Feel Bad Leaving Fido in Loving Hands!

The holidays come with a flurry of activity, excitement, and stress for nearly everyone in the family including our four-legged friends. Whether you’re going out of town for the holidays or having everyone over to your home, the hustle and bustle can cause our pets unneeded stress. Our dogs can experience holiday season stress, too! With so many things and people coming and going, it’s not hard to see why giving our furry family members a break can be the best gift of all during the holidays. If you’re wondering how to reduce dog anxiety this season, s stay at doggy daycare and boarding is a simple way to help your pet!

Hosting Hassle

Hosting family and friends at your home can make life-long memories and warm your heart during the holidays. But have you ever thought about how it makes your furry family feel? While dogs are social creatures and love interacting with their humans, having a house full of new friends can be completely overwhelming. Depending on the temperament of your dog, they may experience stress because of new smells and faces or they might simply feel overwhelmed with the amount of love everyone is willing to give! New sights and sounds all at once can be stress inducing for our beloved pets, so treating them to a day at daycare or stay at boarding over the holidays is a welcome break. They’ll be able to rest and relax as well as play with friends as they choose instead of feeling responsible for entertaining or taking care of their home filled with new people. You’ll also eliminate the risk of a runaway if they’re safely taken care of at your favorite doggy daycare. With doors opening and closing, there’s always a chance someone will accidentally let Fido out. Additionally, with so many people coming over to join in your holiday celebration, there’s bound to be one or two with allergies. Letting your pup get a rest away from home will give everyone a break.

Want to help dog owners keep their pet stress-free? Start your own dog daycare!

Opening a Dog Daycare – How to Get Started

On the Road Again

If you’re not hosting and traveling this holiday season, it’s important to find exemplary care for your furry family members. Oftentimes, our pets can’t travel with us for the holidays. While we may feel guilt about having to be apart from them on special occasions, when they’re in the care of a quality dog daycare and boarding facility, like K9 Resorts, dog holiday season stress is a thing of the past. They’ll enjoy relaxing on their own or playing with their friends – whichever you pet prefers! Asking friends or family to come and care for your pet can leave your pet lonely. Also, your potential caregiver is likely having holiday festivities of their own so don’t let your pet be a burden on their already-busy schedule. At a dog daycare and boarding facility like K9 Resorts, your pet can spend their holiday in the comfort of their own space, warm and cozy in a relaxing environment that’s almost as good as home.

Give the Gift of Peace

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to reduce dog anxiety this holiday season and let K9 Resorts help! We’re heads and tails ahead of the competition because we offer luxury dog daycare and boarding year-round. Give your four-legged friend the gift of peace this holiday instead of asking them to entertain your whole crew or leaving them in the care of someone who’s probably preoccupied. Our job is to ensure your furry family member has a relaxing and refreshing stay while you’re away or playing holiday host. You can play your part by fully being present for those that need you this holiday season, while your pooch gets a vacation. It’s a win-win for the entire family!

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