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K9 Resorts Speaks at the 2019 Franchise Finance & Growth Conference

For nearly 20 years, Jason and Steven Parker have been a part of the pet care industry. After years of dog walking and pet sitting, the Parker brothers decided to take their love for pets to the next level. Through understanding pets, pet owners, and the industry, Jason and Steven realized that a high-end luxury dog hotel was needed, and K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel was born.

Dogs, especially today, are more than just an animal in a household – they are family. Americans spend nearly $70 billion a year on their pets, and this number is continuing to grow. Many kennels and dog boarding facilities are just that, a facility to board dogs. With K9 Resorts, dogs get to relax and de-stress all thanks to cage-free dog beds, indoor swimming pools, and a lot more. A five-star pet hotel doesn’t just put the dog at peace of mind, but it puts dog owners at ease as well.

K9 Resorts is focused on keeping clients happy, as well as continuing to grow the brand. In 2011, K9 Resorts began franchising in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Over the years, K9 has scaled across the country and is currently at 27 locations. Jason Parker had the pleasure of speaking at the 2019 Franchise Finance & Growth Conference to discuss K9 Resorts and the exciting opportunity it presents. In the video below, you see Jason’s presentation at the conference, a long with a slideshow and video focused around the opportunity. Here, you will be able to learn a lot more about K9 Resorts, who they are, what makes them different, and why their business model is one that is tough to beat. Take a look!

If you’re interested in starting a K9 Resorts franchise, or would like to learn a little more about us, contact us today!