Things to Consider Before Opening a Dog Daycare Franchise

Last month we discussed everything one needs to know before opening a dog daycare franchise. This month we’ve decided to take it even further. Follow along as we discuss the next steps you need to take and how to go about starting a dog daycare. 

First, let’s recap what we’ve learned. A dog daycare is a facility that houses pet owners’ beloved dogs while they work or go about their busy days. The facility cares for, feeds, loves, and plays with the four-legged canines, offering lots of games and activities throughout the day.

A franchise is a business owned and operated by an individual, referred to as the franchisee, who uses the branding and name of a much larger company like Pizza Hut or your local UPS store. Therefore, when you put them together, you have a dog daycare franchise. And with Americans spending nearly $123.6 billion on their pets every year, dog daycares have become a fast-growing industry.

So what is it about these facilities that are so special to the pet owners and four-legged canines who use them? 

Benefits of Dog DayCare 

Well, for starters, there are tremendous advantages for both dogs and their owners. Let’s begin by discussing the benefits a dog daycare has on pet owners. 

Advantages for Dog Owners

Knowing their beloved Fido is safe in a warm or cool facility, fed, surrounded by other pups, and loved allows the dog owner to go peacefully throughout their day without worrying about their precious canine.

Advantages for Dogs 

One of the biggest benefits for dogs is that they no longer spend their days alone. Dogs are social creatures who typically seek human companionship. Separation anxiety can cause a dog to lash out, break things, ruin furniture and even harm itself. But at a doggie daycare, dogs are kept entertained by playing with the staff and other dogs and receive constant attention. 

Like humans, dogs need exercise to stay strong and healthy, and a lack of movement is never good for a pup’s health. Dogs left at home might inadvertently destroy your home or yard simply by being active. At doggie daycare, pets have access to indoor and outdoor play areas, interactive toys, and trained supervised staff. All of the K9 Resorts locations have outdoor courtyards made from artificial turf where dogs can run and play. 

How to Start a Dog Daycare

Now that we know how valuable dog daycares are, how exactly do you go about starting one?


Finding a location is the first and most critical component of starting a dog daycare. While you can run a doggie daycare out of your home, you will still need to ensure there is enough play area both inside and out and equip your home with the proper supplies and equipment. It’s essential to do your research first and factor in the layout, proximity to competitors, and potential clients. 

Equipment and Supplies

Before opening your new location, you must first ensure you have the proper equipment and supplies needed to be fully functional. The obvious items include:

  • Food and treats
  • Food and water bowls
  • Leashes
  • Toys
  • Refrigerator for cold foods and medicine
  • First aid kits
  • Trash bags and cleaning supplies
  • Blankets and towels

Of course, there are other items you may not have thought about. These include a running sink for washing hands and possibly the dogs, pending what they get into, air fresheners, and office equipment. Like any other business, running a dog daycare takes certain equipment all on its own. These include but are not limited to:

  • Client-based software for client tracking
  • Financial Software
  • Computer
  • Possibly a printer
  • Cash drawer
  • And a working phone number clients can reach you at!


Unless you want to take on the day-to-day operations and care for dogs alone, you will need to hire staff. Not only should your daycare attendants love dogs, but they should be personable, responsible, and compassionate. You want to hire a team who is as engaged as you are at making your daycare a success. 


To be successful, you have to obtain clients. While word of mouth will work in the beginning, in order to grow, you will have to market your business. Marketing consists of many different facets, including print & digital advertising. While some may work better for your geographic location and niche, there are a few things every dog daycare should have:

Financial Investment

A K9 Resorts facility can range from 4,000 square feet to 6,700 square feet, and opening costs average between $1,094,907 and $2,042,840. Other fees include:

  • Franchise fee of $49,500
  • Our royalty fee is 7% of gross sales

Now that you know what it takes to start a dog daycare, it’s time to contact the professionals at K9 Resorts. Our team will help you find and secure a location, negotiate a lease, work with local zoning attorneys and attend local zoning meetings. We also offer help with marketing solutions, including tools for digital marketing, grand opening celebrations, and guidance with branding. 

Contact us to learn more today!