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What Makes a Great Luxury Pet Hotel Franchise

K9 Resorts Sets Itself Apart from the Rest

When you think of top pet franchises, what comes to mind? Most likely it’s the service, the quality of the product, and how happy your pets seem after visiting. These qualities and more are what go into making K9 Resorts a luxury pet franchise. Not all dog daycare and boarding facilities are created equal. Many people who get into the business of pet care think that all they need is a love of animals and a location, however, actually providing best-in-class care requires a lot more than a few pats on the head. K9 Resorts has zeroed in on what makes a true luxury pet care facility and puts itself above the competition on a daily basis.


Technology plays a big role in the smooth operation of any pet resort franchise. From ensuring reservations are secured to sanitization to keeping your pets occupied if they love TV, K9 Resorts focuses on the importance of technology in doggie daycare and boarding. Our systems set us apart from the competition and truly make us a luxury pet care franchise. Our proprietary technology platform, K9 Connect, allows us to integrate all of our business systems including client relations, invoicing, employee management, financial management, marketing, gift certificates, loyalty program, online booking, and our mobile app. This provides for a seamless customer experience at every single interaction and location.

What makes K9 Resorts so special? Take a look:

K9 Resorts is More Than Just Doggie Day Care


The quality of top pet franchises can be found in their facilities. That’s why we take care to ensure that each of our facilities outperforms any other doggie daycare and boarding business you’ll find. We feature a state-of-the-art PetAirapy UV air purification system that includes a specially designed ventilation system so that each of our locations smells great and has the healthiest air for your pets to breathe. Our cutting-edge flooring systems with Microban built in provide a sanitary surface that also keeps air quality in check. We’re also focused on safe design within our facilities. Every location is carefully designed for optimum boarding safety and satisfaction by being split into separate zones to reduce the number of guests occupying one area. This is a more expensive way to build a dog daycare and boarding facility but it’s the right way and reduces pets’ stress levels while they’re here. Our outdoor “pet-safe” courtyard feature revolutionary artificial turf and K9 Grass with “Alphasan” antimicrobial agents which creates a safer and cleaner environment for all of the dogs to play. In addition, each of our locations is fitted with HD TVs that are constantly tuned to the Animal Planet, so even if Fido is away from home, he can watch his shows!


Another thing that truly makes our pet resort franchise a luxury experience is our service. We’re dedicated to a stress-free stay for your pet and a seamless process for you as a pet parent. We understand how nerve-wracking it is to leave your beloved furry family member in another’s care. That’s why we ensure they’ll enjoy their stay and be well cared for while they’re here. K9 Resorts staff receive ongoing training to make sure they stay up to date on the best practices for caring for your pets! When they’re here, they’re not just being watched but being engaged in the social activity they crave as pack animals. We pride ourselves on flawless customer service and want every interaction to be five-star. While you could open any sort of dog daycare and boarding business, investing in one of the top pet franchises like K9 Resorts will set you apart from the competition.

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Why Franchise When I Can Open a Dog Daycare Independently?

Make Your Doggie Daycare Dreams Come True

So, you’re thinking, “I want to open a dog daycare” and you’re surveying the possibilities. Should you go it alone as an independent business or buy into a franchise? Many people who open their own business want to be completely independent from any entity, however, specifically when it comes to pet care this might not be the best path to follow. Opening your own franchise dog daycare and boarding location can set you off on the right foot toward successful and fulfilling business ownership. Not only do you inherit the credentials and previous success of the franchise, you get a host of benefits to help you succeed. Here are some specific reasons why starting a dog daycare through a franchise instead of an independent location could be more beneficial.


Starting your own business isn’t particularly easy no matter which way you go about it. But, when you work with a franchise, you’re getting built-in support that you simply can’t access when you decide to open an independent location. For example, K9 Resorts has other franchisees that you can learn from and they offer a robust support system that includes real estate selection, world-class training, proven marketing, and proprietary technology – you get access to it all! Figuring out the ins and outs of business is tough enough without having to build everything from the ground up. Starting a dog daycare takes a lot of time and planning to make sure you’ve thought of everything, but when you buy into a franchise, they’ve done most of the leg work for you when it comes to operations. When you succeed, they succeed so they want to provide as much support as possible.

Looking to become a franchise owner but don’t know what you need to be successful? Check out ways you can prepare to be a franchisee here:

Ways to Prepare to Be a Franchise Owner

Brand Awareness

Pet parents want to know that their beloved furry family members are receiving the best care possible. After all, they’re willing to spend the money on sending the four-legged friends to daycare and boarding, so they want to know they’re getting their money’s worth and that Fido is having a great time. Starting a dog daycare through a franchise like K9 Resorts means that you’re inheriting that franchise’s brand awareness. People will know what to expect from your brand – quality, cutting-edge care that puts the safety and happiness of their animals first. Independent dog daycare locations may provide quality care as well, but it takes a lot longer to build credibility. If you buy into a franchise like K9 Resorts, you’ll have people seeking out your services because they know the brand’s promise and have come to expect a specific level of service and attention. This puts you on the path to success much more quickly than building your own brand would.

Financing and Other Benefits

One of the toughest parts of starting your own business is the financial aspect. While working with a dog daycare franchise like K9 Resorts won’t open up a magical treasure chest of free money, but it will put you in contact with trusted finance professionals. Their preferred lenders know the value of the brand which means you’ll more easily secure adequate capital to get your dreams off the ground.

In addition to excellent financing resources, you’ll have access to real estate professionals that can help to select, negotiate, and secure the site of your business. They’ll also assist in finding zoning attorneys and attend zoning meetings with you to help you get your business open on time and within budget. Working with a team of people who’ve been there and done that means that you have access to something invaluable – experience. Starting with the idea of “I want to open a dog daycare” is great but being able to successfully follow through takes experience and when you work with a dog daycare franchise like K9 Resorts, that’s what you get!

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Q&A With K9 Resorts Franchise Owner: Andy Lubalin

Who better to learn about owning a K9 Resorts franchise from, and talk shop with, than the very first K9 Resorts franchise owner? That’s why we sat down with Andy Lubalin of the K9 Resorts location in Fairfield, NJ. As the first franchisee in the K9 Resorts family, Andy started his journey in 2011. The doors of the Fairfield location officially opened in April 2013 and the rest is history. We wanted to see what made Andy want to get into the business and what advice he might have for prospective franchise owners thinking about joining the family.

Q: How did you decide to become a franchise owner?

A: I was in the corporate world for more than 20 years and was traveling all week. I had small children and wanted to be at home more. I made a move but then the commute was just taking up too much time and the actual job I was doing wasn’t making me happy. I knew I wanted to own my own business and work with animals. I actually wasn’t looking for a franchise, but just the pet industry. However, I knew Steven and Jason Parker because they used to walk my dog and the rest is history.

Q: What made you choose K9?

A: As I mentioned, I wasn’t specifically looking for a franchise but for someway to get into the industry. So, I contacted Steven and Jason and they had me come by a location. I was absolutely blown away by the K9 Resorts operation and so I started talking to them about possibly owning a franchise.

Q: Where does your love of dogs come from?

A: I’ve always loved dogs, but I didn’t really think about getting into the industry until I had an invisible fence installed on my property. From that day, I knew I wanted to have the opportunity to work with animals in some form.

Q: What’s the best thing about owning a franchise?

A: One of the best things about owning a franchise is the support that you get. When I was hiring and training staff, corporate helped me in any way I needed to change culture and get the right group of people in place at my location. This means I was able to have more qualified people on my team and stop working so many hours myself. They also trained my staff at no charge and if I was short staffed, they were very helpful in providing staff.

Even now I know that I could call them with any need, and they’d be right there for me.

Q: What makes coming into work great for you?

A: The best part of the job are the relationships I’ve built with customers… and of course the dogs! I love interacting with the dogs, but pet care is an intimate business because these pets are just as important as children and are part of the family. So, always making sure the customers are happy and can count on us is key. We always make sure that customers feel welcome and like they’re a part of our family. When you build relationships with your customers, if there’s ever an issue, you have that relationship to back you up.

Q: What is your #1 piece of advice for a brand new K9 franchise owner?

A: Planning! If I could do it over, I’d start smaller. There are expenses that you’ll incur that you may not plan for, so save as much as you can before you open your own K9 Resorts franchise. I would also have started with a lighter staff to begin with and bulked up as demand required. My best advice is to really think about your level of experience in the industry and the motivation for coming into the business. You should be prepared to be very dedicated to the business in the first few years. Also, finding the right staff can make or break your business. Lastly, you need to be able to work with people. Pet parents are wonderful and appreciating interacting with them is key to success!

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How to Get Ready for the Dog Daycare Busy Season

Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Summer Guests!

Summer is one of the busiest times for any dog daycare. With pet parents taking advantage of warmer weather and time off, furry family members get to take their own vacations through luxury dog boarding locations like K9 Resorts. One of the keys in learning how to run a franchise is predicting when to prepare and what steps you need to take to get ready for an onslaught of new business! Getting your dog daycare ready for all the eager pups this summer might be simpler than you think, but being sure to get a head start on preparations is key. Here are some ways you can ready yourself for all the soon-to-be-boarders at your facility.

Staff Appropriately

More dogs mean that you need to increase your staff! Often, dog daycares go through busier seasons with the same level of staffing that they use all year-round. While this might work for some operations, having the appropriate amount of staff to monitor and nurture the dogs in your care is crucial to an excellent dog boarding experience. Reputable dog daycare locations require a certain number of staff per number of dogs during any given time so that they can make sure the guests are happy and healthy. When the busy season hits, it might be time to increase the number of qualified employees you have on staff in order to satisfy the demand! Learning how to run a franchise means that you must accommodate as needed to ensure that the level of quality expected from the franchise is always meet and/or exceeded.

Stock Appropriately

Don’t get caught during the busy season without much-needed supplies. When you have more guests, you have to make sure you have the accessories they could need while in your care. Stock up on treats and food as well as anything needed to give medication. Add blankets and the like to your stockpile just in case. Everything you need to run your operation should be increased as the number of bookings you receive increases. Another thing to check is the expiration of any food you have in reserve. Typically, dog food lasts about a year, so don’t go overboard with stocking up on it. Determine around how much you might need and pad that amount just a bit, so you aren’t wasting any food.

Market Yourself

There may be lots of other dog daycare options in the area, but you know that your location is the best. Make sure everyone else knows it, too! When you’re figuring out how to run a franchise, one of the best benefits of being part of a known brand is the backing that comes with the name. That means marketing your location among a sea of pet daycare providers will be easier! Even if it’s a busy season, you don’t want to miss out on a portion of that increased business. Be sure to figure out your marketing plan early and begin to get your name out there ahead of the competition. Don’t forget to let everyone know why you’re the best and how Fido will get a true vacation while his parents are away!

K9 Resorts is a cut above the rest. Our luxury dog daycare and boarding facilities are focused on a stress-free, clean, and comfortable experience for four-legged family members. Many pet parents feel guilt when they need to leave their beloved pets in the care of others when they’re going out of town, but at K9 Resorts, those fun-loving animals are sure to have a fantastic time.

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