How to Know if Starting a Dog Daycare Business is Right for You

A Love of Animals Isn’t All It Takes

Obviously if you’re looking into starting a dog daycare business, you already have a deep love for animals. But having a never-ending appreciation for our four-legged friends isn’t the only thing you’ll need when it comes to running a dog daycare. Being the owner and operator of a pet care business goes beyond wanting to spend your days filled with wet noses and belly rubs. A dog daycare is still a business and as such, it comes with both risk and reward. Before diving in head first, you’ll want to take stock of if running a dog daycare is really the right move for your career and your finances. Not only do you have to know about how to properly care for dogs, you must be a bit savvy about business, and be able to work with people, too. Running a dog daycare is not a one-person operation, so working well with others of the human variety is key, too! Here are some things to think about before starting your journey into owning a dog daycare business.

People Person

One of the first things you need to be honest with yourself about is if you’re a people person or not. Many people think that running a dog daycare means their interaction with humans will be limited. However, the opposite is true. Dedicated pet parents are your customers and the ones that you need to keep happy to run a thriving business. While you may have a knack at communicating with animals, you also have to know how to work with their owners. Some crucial people skills you might need are:

  • The ability to relate
  • Great communication
  • Empathy
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Good judgement
  • A sense of humor
  • An open mind
  • Negotiation skills

Communicating with humans can be a lot more complex than communicating with our four-legged friends, so before you dive into starting a dog daycare business, make sure you’re ready. Luckily, you also have the option of hiring employees who are great with people, so if it’s not truly where you excel, your staff can handle the brunt of it.


Another quality that is often overlooked when people are thinking about starting a dog daycare business is compassion. This means compassion for both humans and animals alike. Our animals are our companions and true members of the family. As the owner and operator of a dog daycare, you’re asking for pet parents to put their trust in you to entertain, protect, and provide for their pets when they can’t be around. Being compassionate about how pet parents feel leaving their loved ones behind while they go to work, school, or on vacation makes all the difference between an average dog daycare business and an exceptional one. Understanding that it’s hard for pet parents to trust others with their beloved animals and acting in a manner that assuages those fears is key. As an example, updating pet parents throughout the day or their vacation on the wonderful time Fido is having builds a sense of trust and furthers your relationship with the pet parent. Compassionate care is key for all parties involved.

Does a dog daycare business sound like the right fit for you? If so, check out tips on how to get started!

Opening a Dog Daycare – How to Get Started

Knowledge About Dog Behavior

Loving dogs and wanting to be around them is one thing, but understanding their specific behavior is another. If you’re interested in running a dog daycare, you have to have a full understanding of why dogs do what they do – especially if you’re going to be in charge of managing them on a daily basis. Knowing the signs of and being able to spot potential issues will keep your staff and all the dogs under your care safe.

Understanding dog behavior is relatively simple with the right training. Thankfully, all dogs speak the same language through body movements and vocalization. The trick is being able to decipher a positive excitement against a negative one. Dogs use body language to communicate with each other, and out of necessity, with humans. Learning how dogs communicate and what certain movements mean will make you a better dog owner, communicator, and handler. Dogs need a pack leader and understanding how they communicate and what their needs are will ensure that you’ve been promoted to the front of the pack. If dogs feel they can lead better than you, they’ll try, so having the appropriate training in dog communication is key for any dog daycare owner.

The K9 Resorts Difference

Not all dog daycares are created equal. Running a dog daycare takes a lot of work and starting one from the ground up can be challenging especially in such a growing industry like pet care. That’s where K9 Resorts comes in. Our franchise is a step above the rest when it comes to offering state-of-the-art, comprehensive dog daycare and boarding. When you partner with a franchise like K9 Resorts, you automatically inherit brand recognition, proven processes that work, help with marketing, and a host of other benefits. K9 Resorts is like no other dog daycare and boarding facility on the market. Each of their locations features state-of-the-art technology to provide a safe, clean, and exciting environment for pets. Everyone involved with K9 Resorts loves pets and people, so you’ll have a great start on your journey into the pet care industry while learning from the best.

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