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Why Franchise When I Can Open a Dog Daycare Independently?

Make Your Doggie Daycare Dreams Come True

So, you’re thinking, “I want to open a dog daycare” and you’re surveying the possibilities. Should you go it alone as an independent business or buy into a franchise? Many people who open their own business want to be completely independent from any entity, however, specifically when it comes to pet care this might not be the best path to follow. Opening your own franchise dog daycare and boarding location can set you off on the right foot toward successful and fulfilling business ownership. Not only do you inherit the credentials and previous success of the franchise, you get a host of benefits to help you succeed. Here are some specific reasons why starting a dog daycare through a franchise instead of an independent location could be more beneficial.


Starting your own business isn’t particularly easy no matter which way you go about it. But, when you work with a franchise, you’re getting built-in support that you simply can’t access when you decide to open an independent location. For example, K9 Resorts has other franchisees that you can learn from and they offer a robust support system that includes real estate selection, world-class training, proven marketing, and proprietary technology – you get access to it all! Figuring out the ins and outs of business is tough enough without having to build everything from the ground up. Starting a dog daycare takes a lot of time and planning to make sure you’ve thought of everything, but when you buy into a franchise, they’ve done most of the leg work for you when it comes to operations. When you succeed, they succeed so they want to provide as much support as possible.

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Brand Awareness

Pet parents want to know that their beloved furry family members are receiving the best care possible. After all, they’re willing to spend the money on sending the four-legged friends to daycare and boarding, so they want to know they’re getting their money’s worth and that Fido is having a great time. Starting a dog daycare through a franchise like K9 Resorts means that you’re inheriting that franchise’s brand awareness. People will know what to expect from your brand – quality, cutting-edge care that puts the safety and happiness of their animals first. Independent dog daycare locations may provide quality care as well, but it takes a lot longer to build credibility. If you buy into a franchise like K9 Resorts, you’ll have people seeking out your services because they know the brand’s promise and have come to expect a specific level of service and attention. This puts you on the path to success much more quickly than building your own brand would.

Financing and Other Benefits

One of the toughest parts of starting your own business is the financial aspect. While working with a dog daycare franchise like K9 Resorts won’t open up a magical treasure chest of free money, but it will put you in contact with trusted finance professionals. Their preferred lenders know the value of the brand which means you’ll more easily secure adequate capital to get your dreams off the ground.

In addition to excellent financing resources, you’ll have access to real estate professionals that can help to select, negotiate, and secure the site of your business. They’ll also assist in finding zoning attorneys and attend zoning meetings with you to help you get your business open on time and within budget. Working with a team of people who’ve been there and done that means that you have access to something invaluable – experience. Starting with the idea of “I want to open a dog daycare” is great but being able to successfully follow through takes experience and when you work with a dog daycare franchise like K9 Resorts, that’s what you get!

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