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4 Benefits of Franchising

Why Getting Help Owning Your Own Business is Best

Deciding to open your own business is an exciting step in any ambitious entrepreneur’s life but figuring out which route to take can be difficult. If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business and have made the decision to take the leap, you’ve liked considered the benefits of franchising. As opposed to going it alone, franchising offers a world of benefits when it comes to starting your own business. From the built-in support to the brand recognition, there are lots of positives when it comes to franchising. When you opt to buy a franchise, you’re getting so much more than a name that the public may already recognize, you’re inheriting a community. So, what are the main benefits of franchising? Let’s take a look.

Lower Risk

Getting into business is risky. There’s no real way around that. You put in the money and the hard work and hope that you reap the profits. However, one of the benefits of franchising is that it comes with reduced overall risk. Of course, there’s always still the possibility of failure, but when you buy into a franchise you have a built-in network of those that have come before you and succeeded. That means you have access to a wealth of knowledge and support. Additionally, you gain a lot when you decide to open a franchise. Most franchises offer a proven method for success. You may have help with location scouting, securing financing, training, marketing, and much more. When you buy into a franchise, they want you to succeed as much as you do because their brand name is on the line, so inherently there’s less risk when it comes to opening your own business if you go the franchise route.

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Built-In Startup Support

One of the other great benefits of franchising is the built-in startup support you get. Getting a new business off the ground can be tricky but with franchising you have a solid support system that helps you with training, process, customer experience, and marketing. You’re not taking shots in the dark to see what works because the franchise has already proven that that particular business model can be successful. Instead of having to figure out what process works best for your business, you’ll have a proven model of success. Take for example the K9 Resorts franchise – our luxury dog daycare and boarding business is a successful franchise because we’ve focused our business model and processes on the health and happiness of both pets and pet parents. Every single thing we do is for our customers and we know that it works, which is why all of our franchises are successful and growing!

Brand Recognition

Think about opening your own new and delicious fast food restaurant in comparison to opening a McDonald’s – which do you think has a better chance of success? You’d likely pick McDonald’s based on their track record alone. Consumers know exactly what to expect when they walk into any McDonald’s across the country. Brand recognition is a powerful thing. People like to know what they’re getting when they choose to spend their hard-earned money. One of the benefits to opening a franchise is that you already have a name that people recognize for your business, which can lead to revenue without even doing anything! It’s hard to build a brand all on your own, though that isn’t to say it’s impossible. Savvy entrepreneurs, like those at K9 Resorts, who have turned one business into a franchise know all about how much work it takes to build a successful brand!


Last but not least on a list of what are the benefits of franchising brings us to community. When you buy into a franchise you buy into a greater community of business owners who know exactly what you have and will experience on this journey of business ownership. It can be a helpful network of people who understand your experience and that you can go to with questions that pop up along the way. Nothing is better than having someone who’s been where you are to lend some sound advice when you’re jumping into owning your own business.

If you’re interested in opening a franchise with K9 Resorts, we can’t wait to talk to you! Our proven business model is the perfect option for dog lovers who want to own their own business. build a future with us, and stand out among the competition.

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