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A Deep Dive into the World of Pet Care Franchises

Why Some Stand Out Above the Rest

The world of pet franchises is wide and plentiful. In general, the pet care industry has exploded over the past decade. People are spending more and more on their beloved furry family members. Everything from spa treatments to designer food blends can find a spot in the pet care market. The pet care industry is worth billions and on track to continue to grow. Pet owners treat their furry friends like true members of the family and spare no expense in keeping them happy, healthy, and well taken care of. Even during an economic downturn, there are certain pet care services that don’t see a large decrease in patronization. One of those services is dog daycare and boarding.

Why Dog Daycare and Boarding?

One industry that people tend to really sink their budgets into is dog daycare and boarding. Dogs are social animals and our long workdays don’t bode well for our four-legged friends. They’re either stuck inside all day alone or cooped up in their crates waiting for mom and dad to roll through the door. Pet parents are realizing that spending money on allowing their dogs to socialize while they’re away is a good investment. Not only does it make for a happier animal, it makes for a tired one, too! So, when everyone comes home together at night, they can all cuddle up instead of having Fido bouncing off the walls. If you have a particularly active breed, a couple of walks a day just won’t cut it. Finding a trusted and qualified dog daycare and boarding facility where your dog is well taken care of can be a game changer. Once a pet parent is in the system and sees the results from a happy daycare or boarding experience, they will typically become a frequent customer. That’s why many looking to start a pet business are diving into the world of doggy daycare.

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Why K9 Resorts?

Not all dog daycares are created equal. Pet owners want to be sure that their furry family members are being well taken care of when they’re away. They seek out facilities that understand the way canines need to express energy and what kind of environment truly allows them to thrive. K9 Resorts is a perfect example of an ideal dog daycare and boarding facility. Their qualified and trained staff is dedicated to keeping pups happy and healthy during their stay – no matter how short or long. K9 Resorts is first-in-class among pet franchises because they have a proven system that ensures our four-legged friends are happy and stress free. Many independent dog daycare and boarding businesses, while well intentioned, often miss the mark on quality care. Either they are understaffed and overbooked, or the staff they have just isn’t trained properly. Additionally, their facilities aren’t specifically built to be dog daycare and boarding locations, so instead they cobble together what works for the space instead of creating a space that works for the dogs.

K9 Resorts focuses on exemplary facilities that are built with your pooch and the pet parent in mind. Their proprietary technology and industry-leading training make each location a first-class facility for furry family members. Each location offers clean, stress-free care for dogs that allows them to thrive instead of just survive when away from their families. In addition, K9 Resorts staff members receive industry-leading training that ensures they’re up for the challenge of caring for dogs and their parents on a daily basis. Employees learn, through franchise training, to go the extra mile when it comes to pet care and customer service because it matters. K9 Resorts’ training isn’t quite like any others. Job functions are grouped by related functions and the training for these functions are done together. The successful completion of a training module gets you a certification. Certifications are organized by levels and all employees must be certified for the function they’re performing. Each employee has a clear path and understanding of the job that they’re responsible for which makes it easy for the team to work together as a whole to provide the best possible service.

As a K9 Resorts franchisee, you’ll also get built-in marketing help and straightforward financing. You become a member of a family and your success means the overall franchise’s success because referrals are a strong part of a successful dog daycare business.

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The Financials

If you’re looking to start a pet business, it’s probably not just because of your love of animals. You want to be able to make a living doing what you love, but at the end of the day, you still need to be able to bring in revenue and sustain your business and lifestyle. The financials of pet franchises, specifically dog daycare and boarding through K9 Resorts, are in your favor. The industry itself is booming, and as we mentioned, dog daycare is at the top of the list for what pet owners are willing to pay top-dollar for. When you work with a trusted franchise, your investment is somewhat protected. K9 Resorts offers unmatched support to franchisees that you just can’t get when you open an independent business. You’re set up to succeed from the beginning.

The cost to open a K9 Resorts franchise varies and is greatly dependent on the real estate you need to secure. Our facilities range in size from 4,000 to 7,000 square feet and as such, the cost to open, including a franchise fee of $49,500 and real estate, is typically at least $900,000 but can be more than $1.5 million depending on your geographic market. While K9 Resorts doesn’t offer financing, they do put you in contact with preferred lenders who have worked with other franchisees and have made the process as smooth as possible.

Opening a business is never cheap, but working with one of the most trusted, top-quality pet franchises in the industry can set you up for success. If you’re interested in starting a pet business, contact us today to find out more about what you can do to begin the journey toward dog daycare and boarding ownership!

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