Why K9 Resorts is a Great Franchise for Animal Lovers

The old adage is if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life, right? What better way for animal lovers to spend every day doing what they love than operating a pet care franchise like K9 Resorts? If you’ve been considering a career move and you’re an animal lover, there’s one space that combines both profitability and the ability to spend every day with animals – pet care! K9 Resorts can pair your passion for pets with an in-demand business endeavor.

Furry Family

The pet care industry is growing. According to a report by Packaged Facts [1], in 2017 the pet care industry reached $86 billion and shows no signs of slowing down. People consider their dogs to be family members and take just as much care in ensuring they have happy, healthy lives as they would any other member of the family. That means pet owners are willing to invest in things like dog daycare and boarding to make sure Fido is content. When you’re an animal lover and you open a business, like dog daycare, pet owners take notice.

Before you continue reading, learn how K9 Resorts is more than just doggy daycare.

K9 Resorts is More Than Just Doggie Day Care

Passion Meets Business

When you open a pet care franchise like K9 Resorts, you have the unique opportunity to marry business and passion. Not only do you have the ability to provide a safe yet exhilarating space for dogs to socialize and release energy, you get to be a part of their daily lives! Owning a dog daycare is particularly rewarding for animal lovers. If you love dogs, being able to take care of them while their owners are away provides a much-needed and appreciated service. K9 Resorts offers a pet care franchise that was built with dogs in mind. Boarding and daycare services can sometimes be stressful, but with K9 Resorts’ proven procedures, each dog that comes through your doors is sure to have a fun, relaxing stay comparable to a luxury resort!

K9 Resorts in unlike any other pet care franchise. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself:

K9 Resorts vs. The Competition

The Specifics

Loving dogs is the first step in running a successful dog daycare business because when you plan everything with their needs in mind, everyone wins! While working with a trusted company like K9 Resorts they take some of the burden and guesswork out of opening your business. Also, your passion for dogs will continue to play a larger part in your decision-making process. How will your dog daycare be laid out? What extras will you offer? How will you celebrate your canine customers’ birthdays? What fun activities can you plan? There’s no limit to how fulfilling pet care franchise opportunities can be!

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