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The Best Business Opportunities for Pet Lovers

Turn Your Passion into a Job!

Pet lovers all have one thing in common – their undying admiration for those furry, four-legged companions. Marrying your love of animals with your desire to own your own business can be a win-win situation. Some people prefer to keep their hobbies and work life separate. But when you have a passion for pets, it only makes sense that you’ll want to spend your days interacting with them, caring for them, and building a life around them. Thankfully, pet care represents a massive opportunity in today’s marketplace. Pet care is a multi-billion-dollar industry and nearly 80% of American households have at least one pet. That means there are lots of ways you can make money catering to these lovable creatures and their pet parents. But what are the best businesses for pet lovers?

Pet Supplies Store

One option among the multitude of pet business opportunities could be to open and operate a pet supplies store. While there are still lots of mom-and-pop locations providing quality food, treats, and toys, as well as available franchises in the category, big box stores and online retailers have taken the lion’s share of the business. Some pet supplies stores also feature things like dog washing stations or obedience classes. However, this kind of pet business doesn’t particularly provide a lot of hands-on experience with the animals. Frequently pet owners simply stop by the store to pick up necessities and head home to their pooches. Sometimes they bring the dogs along for the trip, but the overall visit and interaction is short. Additionally, there’s a lot of risk when it comes to opening a retail pet store. While owning a pet supplies store can be rewarding, it may not be the best option for a true pet lover.

Dog Daycare and Boarding

Pets are considered family, and as such, owners want to provide them with the best care every hour of every day. This is where dog daycare and boarding come in! Dogs are social creatures and pet parents know that if they work long hours outside the home then they need to find a place where their furbabies can run and play with other canine companions. With so many households owning animals, it only makes sense that the dog daycare and boarding industry is booming. Opening a dog daycare is one of the best pet business opportunities for pet lovers, but not many know how to get started. Not only are you providing a much-requested and much-needed service for the animals, you get to spend your day with lots of dogs! Dog daycares are places where beloved pets can socialize with other dogs, humans, and entertain themselves while mom and dad are either at work or enjoying a vacation. Many pet parents think of dog daycare and boarding as a vacation for their dogs, too, and rightly so! As a dog daycare owner, you’ll have the opportunity to be as hands on as you like from morning till night with your canine guests.

There are many different types of businesses to start in the pet care industry, especially franchises. Click below to see which franchise fits best for those who love spending time with animals!

What is the Best Franchise Opportunity for Animal Lovers?

Why K9 Resorts?

If you’re thinking about opening your own dog daycare business, it’s good to figure out what kind of operation you’d like to run. And thanks to franchising options, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. K9 Resorts is a successful dog daycare and boarding franchise that provides some of the best care in the industry. Through proven processes and impeccable facilities, K9 Resorts is able to provide world-class pet care across their locations. At K9 Resorts, dogs enjoy resort-style vacations and doggie daycare through the use of home-like amenities with recreational activity. Pet parents and pet lovers want the best for any animal and opening a K9 Resorts franchise can provide just that! All staff at any K9 Resorts location is trained and certified in animal care and dogs enjoy a cage-free facility that fosters excellent socialization and play. Figuring it all out on your own can be tough even if you’re passionate about pets. Working with a trusted and proven brand can be a great way to explore pet business opportunities and open your own location!

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